What You Need to Know About Termites

Termites on wood.

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Termites can be a huge problem for every homeowner. No matter how often you inspect your house, you can be a victim of termite infestation without even realising it. In fact, termite infestation cost $800 million a year in Australia! With a cost that high, it’s worth it that you spare a day every month for inspection of your home.

It’s time-consuming, yet it will save you a tremendous amount of money. The things that you should be looking for when inspecting your home is damaged wood. Be it in your attic or any wooden furniture in your home. Also, you can always book a professional termite inspection and treatment with us.

Termite Facts

It’s important that you are familiar with the animals that may have infested your home. Here are some of the most important termite facts that you need to know.

What are white ants?

White ants on a branch

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Commonly we call termites white ants. However, they have little to none in common with ants! In reality, they are closer to cockroaches. While there are more than 300 species, only a handful of white ants are actually harmful to us and our homes.

If it is a matter of fact, termites aren’t really pests in nature. They are really important insects because they produce new soil by recycling old trees. Still, sometimes they take our homes for food. We can’t really blame the white ants. What we can do is to know how to protect our homes and really know these pests.

What Do White Ants Eat

Wood damaged by termites


Termites eat a lot of things. Though you might know that they will chew through every wooden furniture in your home, the little bugs also feed on cotton. So, your t-shirts might be in danger too. In simpler words, white ants seek and feed on cellulose. Everything that has it might be in danger. The reason why they feed on wood is because of the bacteria in their gut can extract the cellulose fibres from the wood. Something that not a lot of creatures can do.

You can prevent termite infestation by having your furniture made out of heartwood. This is the most inner part of the tree and it’s also the densest part of a tree. The little buggers don’t like it.

What type of wood termites feeds on?

White ants love to feed on high-pressured wood. Most of them also like to consume dry wood. This is the type of wood that your furniture, floors and other parts in the construction of a house are made of.

Different types of ants eat different types of woods. You have damp wood termitesdry wood termitesformosan termites.

White ant treatment

Treating for white ants can happen a couple different ways. Most of them include sprays and some kind of chemical treatment.

  • Spraying soil treatment
    This is the easiest method and will do a great work if you don’t have a huge problem with them. Spraying chemicals in the soil around the house will help with eradicating the problem.
  • Termite monitoring station
    This is the non-chemical way of treating your home for white and infestation. It’s the best way for you if you don’t want to have your whole backyard sprayed.
  • Spot treating
    This method is used for external termite infestation. It’s used to instantly kill the pest.

White Ant Facts

Termites tap to warn the colony of any threats.

Probably one of the most interesting warning methods in the insect kingdom, soldier termites hit their heads on the walls of the nest to warn the rest of the nest for any incoming threats. By doing this they send warning vibrations through the walls of the nest.

They are very well maintained. 

White ants are very well groomed. Although they live in the dirt, it’s really important for the well being of the colony. White ants groom themselves in order to keep the hygiene in the colony on a high level.

They also make mounds

They actually make mounds above ground. In some warmer countries, those mounds reach 30 ft high!


It’s believed they’ve roamed the Earth for the last 150 million years!

That’s right, science says that termites have been on Earth 80 million years before the dinosaurs disappeared.

A large mound can house around 3 million white ants!

They are social creatures, however, who would think that a single mound can have the population of a mid-sized town?

Termite colonies coexist. 

Often times you can see a couple of colonies living within one acre of land between them. They don’t intermingle, however, they do coexist. However, if someone goes into the premises of the other colony the little creature will be immediately killed and removed.

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Sarah Smith

I saw a bunch of white ants in my storage room while I was looking for something. Your information that white ants are termites and they like damp wood is very helpful. I’ll start looking into a termite inspection service to double-check and get the infestation out.

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