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Why Fantastic Pest Control is the right choice for your moth problem

Moths may not be health-hazardous insects but their larvae have been historically considered to be among the most destructive critters, that’s for sure. You may well not be aware of the fact that most adult moths are unable to eat and chew but feed on plant nectar and sugary liquids to survive. It’s their larvae that cause all the damage to clothing and stored foods.
So, if you’ve got a moth problem at home, in Brisbane, you can confidently entrust Fantastic Pest Control with the task of getting rid of their larvae and eggs, and this way put a stop on the pests’ destructive activity, be it in your wardrobe or pantry.

We work with experienced moth exterminators, who are certified and insured to apply effectively the appropriate insecticide and get those long-term results. Furthermore, the pest technicians are always ready to consult you on the dos and don’ts after the service so that you enjoy a moth-free home at all times.

Close up photo of an oak processionary mothWhat are the signs of a pantry moth or clothes moth infestation?

Well, moth infestations are far easier to spot than many other types of insect problems in your property. Sooner or later, you’re bound to notice your damaged natural-fibre clothing and fabrics or infested food packages. You may also spot in your storage spaces discarded silken cases, left behind by webbing moths, as well as their eggs that would be located in the dark corners of storage compartments. Still, the most obvious sign of a clothes moth invasion will be of course your ruined leather, wool or cotton garments, filled with holes. Carpeting and rugs, made from a natural material, may also be attacked by moth larvae, so keep an eye on those, including stored floor coverings.

You may see some winged adult insects, as well, flapping in your kitchen units if disturbed.

The Three Steps for Moth Control

Moth inspection and assessment

Your moth control service will begin with a thorough inspection of the affected areas and items. The moth exterminator will check storage units, pantries and kitchen cupboards if you suspect a pantry moth infestation or your bedroom furniture, carpeting, closets and chests of drawers, in the case of clothes moth potential issues. The specialist will look for signs of moth activity, such as damaged items (foodstuffs or fabrics and clothing), larvae, eggs, silken cases and discarded feeding tubes. This way, the pro will be able to determine the level and type of infestation and choose the right anti-moth product and method.

Effective treatment

All affected areas and storage units need to be emptied prior to the treatment. So, please discard damaged open packages of food if you’ve got a pantry moth problem, or remove linen, blankets and clothing from wardrobes and drawers by taking care not to spread the clothes moth infestation any further. The pest technician will apply a powerful insecticide, which eliminates all life stages of the pest (eggs, larvae, live adults). We recommend that you vacate the property, along with any pets, while the service takes place and then, upon your return, make sure that you air the place well.

Moth prevention advice

To prevent a moth infestation, you should check regularly your storage spaces for damaged items and act straight away if you notice something that doesn’t look right. Protect your clothing and fabrics by keeping bags of dried lavender (avoid using mothballs, as they contain harmful ingredients). Keep dried foods in airtight containers, regularly give your kitchen units a good clean and address spillages, sticky ring marks, crumbs and grains on surfaces. Throw away on a regular basis expired foods, including spices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is food that has been infested with moths dangerous to eat?

Well, pantry moths are not known to cause any health problems but we recommend that you throw away all food that seems webbed together and possibly contaminated with eggs, ready to hatch.

Am I required to do anything before the service?

Please, remove all food from kitchen cupboards and open surfaces if you’ve booked treatment against pantry moths. In the case of a clothes moth infestation, again, dispose of badly affected clothing and fabrics and wash all your clothes that are still intact at a high-temperature setting. Delicate fabrics can be placed in the freezer in a sealed bag, as the low temperature will also kill any eggs and larvae.

Do clothes moths feed on synthetic carpets and clothes?

Clothes moths prefer natural fibres as their main source of food. So, if you notice any damage on items made from synthetic materials, you may well be confronted with the signs of a fur beetle or carpet beetle infestation.

What is the guarantee that you offer on your treatment against moths?

You should enjoy a 3-month period, free of moths and their destructive activity. However, you can order our multi-visit service package that includes follow-up inspections and treatments within 3 months, upon request and free of charge.