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Beetle infestation. It doesn’t sound scary but at some point beetles, however harmless they might seem to you, become destructive pests. Like the powderpost beetle for instance. That type of insect feeds on wood and could bring significant damage to your wooden furniture. Other types of beetles might go for the food in your home, or after the garden. And in fall the beetle population will try to find shelter in your home. That’s when it becomes a nuisance and you need to seek help.

Fear not! Over the years Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne has developed a system which works exceptionally well.

Preliminary Inspection

When it comes to a beetle infestation, it is important to discern the exact type of beetle between the so many different species that can cause a problem. Your beetle control specialist will identify, whether you have been invaded by:

Beetle Control Treatment

The technician will apply a powerful, industry-approved pesticide, which will effectively eradicate the adult specimens, their eggs and the beetle larvae. The latter are actually the main culprits of any damage that has been caused to your food supplies, textile belongings, furniture, or to the timber structure of your house. It is the larvae that need to feed on organic matter, in order to transform into adult beetles.

As a safety precaution, you should not be present on the same floor where treatment takes place. In addition, you should follow the post-service recommendation of airing the place well and not vacuuming or wiping the treated surfaces for at least 5 days (3 weeks apply for a carpet beetle treatment).

Second Visit

Please, note that it may take up to 14 days for certain insecticides to work to their full effect. We give 3 months warranty period after our treatment.

Information on Prevention

The Fantastic pest controller will provide you with different helpful prevention tips and proofing information, depending on what type of beetle infestation you have had. You will also receive a full service report, which will specify the type of product that has been used, the date of the service and any other relevant particulars, with regard to the the insecticidal treatment that you may need to know about. In case you're plagued by a different kind of pest, we also offer rat extermination, bee removal, getting you rid of wasps, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything before the service?

We advise that you vacuum all affected areas prior to the treatment to facilitate the execution of the service. In addition, you should remove all pets, including fish tanks, hamsters, reptiles in glass containers, etc. Children’s toys may also have to be put in a different place, away from the affected areas that will undergo treatment.

I fear that my pantry suffers from a severe pest infestation? Can you help?

Yes. Apart from the pantry moth caterpillars, your kitchen or pantry can be under threat from the larvae of various types of beetles and weevils (which are beetles, too). They settle in food packages and feed on flour, cereal, grain, pulses, pasta and more. We offer effective solutions against food pests, so fear not and just give us a call.

Are cockroaches a type of beetle?

Cockroaches are not beetles. They may resemble them but roaches are completely different species. If you are not sure what scurries around in your kitchen in the middle of the night, you can count on our specialist knowledge and expertise to identify the pest during the inspection part of the service. Please, note that we offer a comprehensive and effective cockroach control treatment, as well.

What are the signs of a carpet beetle infestation?

There are several types of widespread carpet beetles in Australia with the black carpet beetle being the most destructive. Their larvae will feed on underfelt, leather, silk, woollens, various types of carpets and even stored food. These detrimental insects would leave visible traces behind from their feasting activities in the form of small holes in the fabric or in another type of organic material.