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With so many spiders living in Australia, it’s not surprising that people shiver with disgust by the mere mention of the word. While most of these creatures are fairly harmless, some of them do pose a threat to humans when provoked, for instance, the Sydney funnel-web or the Trapdoor spider, just to name a few. If you run into these eight-legged squatters on a frequent basis, then you may have an infestation, which Fantastic Pest Control Sydney is more than able to handle.

Our professional spider control service explained

Thorough Inspection

Our spider extermination in Sydney will start with a careful inspection of your premises on a room-by-room basis. This will help the pest controller to determine the type of creepy-crawlies that have invaded your home and to identify the locations that they may use as hideouts.

Professional Treatment

The service is usually done in a single session. For best results, the specialist needs to come in direct contact with the insects as most types of spiders require different treatment methods. If this is not possible, the technician will spray the entire property (floors, corners, and other surfaces) with a potent insecticide that will eliminate all spiders and their eggs within a few days.

Post-service Viewing

You have a warranty period of 3 months of the initial service. Please note that if your yard is too messy with a lot of rubbish, it will be difficult for the specialist to find the pests. You have to organise it as well as possible, otherwise, we don't give a warranty.

Prevention Advice

With the spider control in Sydney done, the diligent technician will provide you with a full written report, containing all procedures and pest products that were used during the service. You will also receive expert prevention advice that is tailored to your individual experience. Put these preventive measures into practice to safeguard your home against future infestations. You can also make use of some of our other services, such as mice eradication, rat removal, termite treatment, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are spiders doing in my property?

Spiders are natural predators, so they will often hunt for insects, arthropods, or even other spiders that may reside within your property. They also enjoy hiding in dry and warm areas that are usually hidden from view, such as dusty attics, room corners, and the areas behind furniture.

What food do the arachnids enjoy?

Spiders usually feed on insects, other spiders included. The Aussie creepy-crawlies are also famous for hunting down mice, lizards, and even birds without much hassle. Depending on the species, they may catch their prey by either spinning webs or injecting a lethal dose of poison.

Why do I encounter spiders in my bathroom?

Spiders need to drink water on a daily basis. In the wilderness, the insects may get the liquid by drinking droplets on vegetation, weaving a dew-catching web, or draining it straight from their prey. Indoors, they will usually quench their thirst from dripping taps, filled sinks, or shower puddles. If your bathtub is often visited by spiders, call spider removal in Sydney immediately.

What can I do to aid the service technician?

Please make sure to clear the affected area from any rubbish as much as possible before the pest controller arrives. If this is not done, the professional may not be able to spot the spider or its hideout and the treatment will not be as effective. This will also invalidate our warranty in instances where you booked our guaranteed service.