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Fantastic Pest Control - The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Rats

Rats are becoming an ever-growing problem in Melbourne. Your house provides the perfect environment for these pesky rodents to thrive. All they need is warmth and food and they will breed in a geometric progression. To make matters worse, it can be notoriously difficult to deal with a rat infestation. But fret not - our rat control services make solving the problem easier than ever before. All you have to do is pick up the phone or fill in our contact form to let us know that you have rats. We’ll handle the rest. The pest exterminators in Melbourne make things that simple.  

Pest controller looking for rodents

The rat removal specialist will inspect your property in order to understand the full extent of the infestation. Once the exterminators know what they are facing, the proper steps to eliminate the issue will be taken (check rat control section).

Depending on the infestation our technician can proceed with sealing or blocking small entry points - up to 3 cm diameter.

Pest technician placing bait for rats The rat exterminators in Melbourne have all the means necessary to handle the infestation. They will proceed with baiting - up to 4 stations with rodenticides. They can:

Deploy traps and baits to solve your rat problem - the baits are rodenticides in nature, so their effectiveness against the furry pests has been proven more than once.

Place mechanical traps - these traps follow a more direct approach to the problem.

Both solutions are effective against rats. Please, note that mechanical traps belong to the company, so the pest technicians will collect them at the end of the treatment period.

Results from the treatment can be seen within 3 weeks because the rodents have a fear of new objects. That is why it takes a few days at least for the rodents to start to feed on the bait.

Observation for rodents

The rat control experts can return for a second (upon request) visit in order to determine the effects of the treatment. They can remove dead rat carcasses, reload the traps, and see if anything else will be required. We aim at providing complete satisfaction to all our clients, so don’t hesitate to request a second visit. It’s always worth it.

Technician pest proofing

The rat exterminators will provide you with some professional advice on how to avoid future rat infestations. They will explain what rats look for in your home and what to do in order to reduce the chances of another infestation.

We offer other services, such as mice extermination in Melbourne.

How to Identify a Rat Infestation

Rat control services in Melbourne

Physical Appearance - Rats have big heads with huge teeth. Their bodies can easily reach 28-30 centimeters, with tails reaching 20-22 centimeters. Rat bodies are prolonged, covered with small, rough hairs. Their feet, ears, and tails are naked in order to ensure proper navigation.

Behaviour - Rats usually use burrows or holes as their improvised homes. If they can’t find a suitable hole, they’re perfectly capable of creating one, themselves.

Procreation - Rats have a pregnancy period of 21-23 days and give birth to around 10 babies on average. A female rat can become pregnant immediately after birth, but such a pregnancy continues to about a month. Rats begin to procreate around 6 weeks of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep rats away from the garden?

Rats cannot stand the scent of mint, so make sure you plant some in your garden. It will act as a natural deterrent for rodents and other types of pests. Another thing you can do is place motion-activated sprinklers. When something moves in your garden, the sprinklers will chase it away. This works for possums, as well.

Is it possible to keep rats away without using poison?

Yes, it’s possible. There are several methods you can try, though none of them gives you any guarantees. Seal all holes and cracks you can find. This should prevent them from getting in. Also, rats have a rather keen sense of smell, so strong scents like peppermint can keep them away. Place natural rat deterrents where you think they might be entering your home. Another option you can use is an ultrasonic emitter, though their effectiveness has been widely debated.

Do rats have the ability to climb vertical surfaces?

Yes. Rats are extremely capable climbers and have no problem climbing up vertical surfaces. That’s how they usually end up in your attic and why you oftentimes don’t realise you have an infestation right away.

How long does it take for the poison to work?

This is relative. It depends on both the size of the rodent and the quantity of the poison it has consumed. Usually, the entire treatment takes two to three weeks until enough poison has accumulated in the rodents’ bodies to kill them. At the same time, your pets will remain completely safe.

How does my home attract rats?

In most cases, rats are attracted by food and shelter. Avoid clutter and put any leftover food in sealed containers so the scent doesn’t attract pests.

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Did You Know Rats …

Rats are very loving creatures. They have strong social bonds and like playing and sleeping together. Rats also form strict chains of command. The strongest and largest rat gets the best food and shelter.

When a rat doesn’t have any friends, it gets lonely, anxious, and even depressed. These creatures are also very intelligent and have an excellent memory. And much like humans, rats laugh when tickled.

Rats have incredibly strong bite and teeth. They can easily chew through wires, lead, PVC pipes, and even glass. That’s one of the reasons they are a real threat to homes.

A single pair of brown rats can have as much as 2000 babies in a year if left to breed freely. And it only takes three to 4 months for a rat to mature. Imagine what a rat infestation would look like if left untreated.

Rats can spread at least 35 diseases to humans including salmonellosis, hantavirus, typhus, Bubonic plague and others.