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While most moths cannot directly harm humans, they are still a nuisance pest. What they can do is damage your clothes, carpets and blankets. Having to replace your wardrobe because everything inside is moth-eaten, all covered in holes is no minor inconvenience.

Moths inhabit darker places inside your home. This gives them the upper hand and they will infest your home before you even know there are moths inside. And at some point, you’ll begin noticing small holes in your clothes, as well as adult moths flying around. So at the first signs of moth activity, get hold of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and schedule a visit from the exterminators.

Opting for the moth pest control service in Melbourne gives you the peace of mind that the infestation will be promptly addressed and eliminated. And you can depend on the fantastic vermin controllers to give you excellent results.

Identifying the Pest

There are many types of moths but some of them are notorious to cause issues around the home. The most common species, which you have probably encountered at some point in your life, are the case-making and the webbing clothes moth, together with the pantry moth.

On that note, you can count on the Fantastic pest control specialist to identify the type of moth you are dealing with. The technician will inspect thoroughly your storage system units and wardrobes, as well as your kitchen cupboards and pantry. Please, note that it is not uncommon to have a pantry and a clothes moth infestation at the same time.


The moth treatment will be executed as soon as the exact pest species have been confirmed. For clothes moths, you can expect that all your cupboards and wardrobes will be sprayed with an effective insecticide, which will eliminate the bothersome pests.

Please, note that your clothes, linen and blankets will not be sprayed, so the technician will ask you to remove them and put it in a plastic bag. After we finished treating doors cupboards, wash it before putting them back in the cupboards. In addition, the insecticide will be also applied to your curtains, floors, skirting boards, chest of drawers, etc. This will ensure the complete eradication of all adult specimens, larvae and eggs.

A similar approach will be undertaken against pantry moths. Your kitchen cupboards and pantry shelves should be completely emptied from any food packages beforehand. Throw away all open food packages as the moth usually hides inside.

Post-service Advice

Your service also includes some moth pest control specialist advice on what to do with any affected clothing, linen and food supplies (in the case of a pantry moth infestation).

Warranty: 3 months

Prevention Tips

You can also count on the technician’s expertise to guide you through the most appropriate methods to keep your home moth-free. With pantry moths, you should regularly check for open or damaged food packages and generally look for signs, such as holes in bags and fine webs in food containers. On that note, you may not know but small moth larvae can make their way into a jar by crawling around the grooves of a closed screw lid if the latter has not been screwed tightly. It is also advisable that your clean spills and scattered dry food in your kitchen cupboards on a regular basis. If you haven't heeded our warning and you're infested by other pests, we can help. Fantastic Pest Control also offers bird control, bee removal, wasp extermination, and more.

Regular airing of your wardrobes and drawers will generally prevent you from having to deal with clothes moths. Avoid mothballs or use them as a last resort. They contain dangerous fumigants that you should be aware of, especially if you have a young baby. Instead, use a natural type of repellent, such as cedar, eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the moth pest control treatment safe?

When professionally executed, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern, as long as safety measures are undertaken. You will be instructed to remove all pets from the property and to air the place after treatment. In addition, prior to a pantry moth control treatment, your food should be cleared out from the affected storage units. The same goes for your textiles and natural fibre belongings if you have been troubled by clothes moths.

What should I do with my clothes that may have been infested with moth eggs?

Clothes, linen, blankets and natural rugs can be washed at high temperature and dried under the sun. Apparel that can be dry-cleaned will be also protected from further moth damage. Delicate garments can be sealed in bags and placed in a freezer for 24 hours, as moth eggs and larvae cannot survive such low temperatures.

And what about any damaged food?

Although you won’t even notice if you eat your cereal riddled with moth eggs (they are harmless), we do recommend that you dispose of all damaged food to prevent your kitchen units from a recurring infestation. Ensure that all your food supplies are sealed in airtight containers, as a safety precaution, and place a moth trap in your pantry.

Is this a guaranteed service?

The pest treatment, you will be offered should, keep you free of moths for at least three months. However, if you notice any subsequent signs of moth activity, you can request a follow-up visit. Alternatively, you can purchase our full service, which includes one additional visit/treatment that is free of charge..