Flea Control Melbourne
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  • Using effective anti-pest products
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  • Safe for your family and home pets

Protect Your Property & Family with Our Flea Control Services in Melbourne

Your pet can easily catch fleas and get them inside your home without you knowing. And from then on they will reproduce and infest your house with the speed of light. It’s also common for fleas to feed on you, with their bites leaving itchy red lumps. All in all, a flea infestation is a lot more than a minor inconvenience. And because of that, the best way is hiring flea control services.

Flea treatment is a complex task and as such, it cannot be performed using over the counter insecticides. That simply wouldn’t work. What will work, however, is the plan of the fantastic exterminators.


Home survey for crawling pests

Please make sure that the technician will have access to your property on the day of your service. When he arrives, he will carefully examine the affected areas in order to determine the level of the infestation. After the assessment, the specialist will make preparations to start the treatment.

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Pest controller treating crawling pests

Usually, just a single visitation is necessary for the flea control Melbourne service. Your technician will apply a special insecticide on the affected areas that will eliminate the pesky fleas and their eggs. It also has a prolonged residual effect that will protect your property for about three months.

Pest technician looking for crawling pests

If you have booked a guaranteed service (which we highly recommend in case of a heavy infestation), then you can get up to two additional flea treatments for free within a period of three months after the initial service. So, stay vigilant and make sure to contact us in case you notice any flea activity in the weeks after that first treatment.


Pest controller preventing crawling pests

When the pest controller is done with the treatment, he will be happy to talk to you regarding how you can protect your property from the tiny biting buggers and future infestations.

If other pests bother you, we can take care of them, too. Fantastic Pest Control also offers cockroach control, ant extermination, rat removal, and more.

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Right now, you are probably wondering

Is there something I should do prior to the service?

It is important for the pest technician to have unobstructed access to the affected areas so he can treat them properly. You can also vacuum-clean the room(s) meticulously in order to remove some of the adult fleas that are hiding around.

What should I do after the service?

We strongly urge you not to mop or vacuum-clean the affected areas for at least 4 days after the treatment. This will allow for the applied insecticide to settle and do its magic.

Are fleas dangerous?

A flea bite is particularly painful and unpleasant, leaving an itchy rash that takes few days to fully heal. On the other hand, fleas can actually transmit tapeworms to cats and dogs.

What are the first signs of flea infestation?

Oh, you just can't miss them! Somebody is getting bitten one way or the other. Fleas are tiny bloodsuckers and they won't hesitate to jump on a person or a warm-blooded pet.