Kick the Troublesome Pests Out with Carpet Beetle Control in Sydney

  • Elimination of both adult carpet beetles and larvae
  • Reliable protection of your rugs and natural fabrics
  • Eco-friendly & pet-safe extermination methods
  • Same-day appointments available upon request

Protect Your Carpets. Let Us Handle the Carpet Beetles for You

Seeing a carpet beetle on your window sills is bad enough. Unfortunately, this also means that some secluded spot of your home is likely occupied by their hungry offspring. Their larvae spread fast and are attracted to spices, grains, and a wide variety of organic materials, such as hair, furs, feathers, wool, and even cotton. So, if you spot any signs of infestation, call Fantastic Pest Control Sydney as soon as possible to protect your belongings from irreversible damage.

Pest controller surveying for flying pests

A Fantastic pest controller will arrive on a day and time of your preference to inspect your property, locate all larvae nests, and determine the level of infestation.

Based on his findings, the expert will then choose a suitable treatment method to efficiently deal with your unwelcome guests. Carpet and mattress fumigation may be necessary in some cases.

Important: Please, vacuum everything in your property before the service, because it's not recommended to vacuum and mop for about 3 weeks after our treatment.

Technician treating for flying pests

The pest controller will spray all affected areas with a potent insecticide that has quick knockdown effect. This means that the bugs will be eliminated almost immediately.

The spray has a three-months-long residual effect, ensuring that no larvae will survive the treatment and that your property will be safe from a recurring infestation.

Pest controller looking for flying pests

At the end of your service, the specialist will issue you a descriptive report containing detailed information about the materials and pest control methods used.

We give 3 months warranty period after our service.

Pest technician taking preventative measures against flying pests

The pro will provide you with free advice on how to prevent carpet bugs from flying back inside your property.

If you have others pests pestering you, you can count on us to take care of: mice, rats, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, and more.

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ section

What brought the beetles to my home?

These bugs are attracted to textiles and organic matter, so the cause of your infestation may vary. Light sources are usually the main thing that draws the beetles in. Other reasons may include dead rodents in between your walls, dry pet food or lint, hair, and other organic detritus.

Do carpet beetles bite?

These small and winged beasts are often confused with bed bugs due to their similar behaviour. While they are attracted to the CO2 that you emit during sleep, they are completely harmless to humans. They can, however, trigger an allergic reaction in some rare instances.

What is their average lifespan?

How much time the carpet beetles are able to survive depends on the environment and on the type of food they ingest. Generally, adult beetles can remain active anywhere between 9 months and 3 years. The lifespan of their larvae is significantly shorter – from 6 to 14 days.

How can I tell if my home is infested?

Look for trail-like patterns and small holes in carpets and rugs made from natural material, for instance wool or cotton. Carpet larvae may also feed on the protein inside leather sofas, fur clothing, leather book bindings, pictures, and paintings, eventually causing irreversible damage.

What does your treatment include?

Our carpet beetles session in Sydney is usually done in a single visit. The expert will apply a spray to your rugs, skirting boards, and flooring, as well as to any vents and crevices that may be home to larvae. Furniture, mattresses, and pillows will receive special fumigation treatment.

What should I do prior to the service?

We kindly ask you to hoover every surface of your property and remove your pets (if any) from your property. Once the service is carried out by the pest technician, do not mop or vacuum the sprayed surfaces for about the next 3 weeks to allow the treatment to take effect.

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