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Get Rid of the Tiny Invaders with Professional Ant Pest Control in Brisbane

Ants are industrious and persevering when it comes to finding food. So, if you’ve spotted trails of the minute invaders, marching towards your bread box or pantry treasures, get help right away. Fantastic Pest Control Brisbane has a proven experience in dealing successfully with ant infestations in both domestic and commercial environments.

We can send a fully qualified and insured local ant exterminator even at short notice, subject to location and availability. So, don’t hesitate to contact us at the first sight of the nuisance insects and we will handle the rest. Your ant control service includes 4 effective steps that we describe below in more detail.

The Fours Steps for Ant Control

Pre-treatment Inspection

Before deciding on what method and product to apply, the specialist will check your premises carefully, in order to assess the extent of the infestation. He will try to identify likely points of entry, which the worker ants use to move in and out of your property. The technician will also inspect the outdoor areas, in order to find the ants’ nest. Then, he will discuss his treatment plan with you and explain any safety measures you may need to consider.

Ant Extermination

The Fantastic pest control operative will use effective insecticides in the form of spray or powder. He will treat entry points and affected surfaces around your home. If the specialist has managed to locate the ant nest, he will neutralise it or apply the product around the breeding grounds. The use of baits is another effective method (if the nest is well-hidden). Once the ant scouts have taken the bait, they will bring the poison back to the colony, killing it slowly along with the Queen, which will take approximately 2 weeks.


If you are concerned that there might be some determined ants left behind, contact us and we’ll arrange for the specialist to inspect your property again in a few weeks. If necessary, the pro will repeat the treatment and check your property for new nests.

In case you need help with other pests, such as termites, rats, or possums, we're at your disposal!

Proofing Tips

Denying ants access to your home by blocking cracks and gaps is a vital step towards keeping the invaders at bay. In addition, if you maintain your home clean and remove food leftovers in a timely manner, this will decrease the risk of an ant re-infestation. The technician will be glad to share any further ant prevention advice with you at no additional expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ants breed inside the property?

More often than not, ants build their nest outdoors. There are species, however, which may decide to breed in a dark place inside your house. Rarely, Australian homeowners may suffer from the damaging activity of Carpenter ants, which will build their nest in the wooden structures of the building.

Can ants harm me?

Ants are generally harmless but they can cause cross-contamination when they touch kitchen surfaces and storage units. Also, some species are rather territorial and will attack if feeling threatened or their nest has been disturbed (ex: Gravel ants, Fire ants and Bulldog ants).

How to stop ants getting into my property?

Once, the ants discover an easily accessible source of food through their strong sense of smell, it is hard to stop the population nearby joining in the feast. The insects produce trail pheromones to map out the path from their nest to your home. So, ensure to clean promptly any spillages and food remnants and keep your groceries secure and in sealed containers.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please, inform us of your change of plans at least 48 hours in advance to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. Don’t forget that you can always reschedule your appointment for another day and time that suit you better.