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Ants Are Notoriously Difficult to Remove. When in Doubt - Call Professional Ant Controllers

Ants might be harmless Nature’s creatures and ecosystem engineers, which play a beneficial role in maintaining an ecological balance. But they have no place in your home, rummaging through your food storages and contaminating surfaces in the process. The insects will breed fast and come to feed on your supplies in their numbers soon enough.

So, if you’ve got ants, call Fantastic Pest Control in Perth to help you avoid ending up with a full-blown infestation that will only become harder to eradicate with time. We employ advanced ant extermination techniques, which also provide long-term protection for your property. The skilled and experienced exterminators, we rely on, will perform the service in 4 simple steps.

The Four Steps for Ant Control


The ant removal technician will inspect the affected areas and assess the level of the infestation. If possible, he will follow the ant trail in an attempt to locate the nest. Based on your specific case, he will plan out the most appropriate treatment actions, in order to effectively eradicate the infestation. Note that you may be asked to leave your property for a few hours together with any pets that you might have.

Ant treatment

The ant extermination techniques we use include setting up insecticidal baits at points of entry and around your property. Once the bait has been ingested by the worker ants, they will carry it back to the nest, where the rest of the population, together with the Queen-mother, will be slowly but surely neutralised. Dusting or spraying directly onto visible ant trails is another additional effective ant removal method that the pro may also undertake.

Warranty period

Our ant control service generally renders positive results within a few weeks following the initial treatment, once the insecticide has been transferred to the nest by the worker ants.

The service warranty period is 3 months.

Prevention advice

Prevention against recurrences is as important as the actual treatment. So, take advantage of the exterminator’s advice on the dos and don’ts regarding the measures you can take to safeguard your property against the ant pests reappearing in the future. The specialist will also provide you with a service report, which details out product and warranty conditions information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of having an infestation at hand?

Seeing the odd ant scurrying around your property may prompt you to believe that there’s no real cause for worry. However, these ant scouts are usually indicative of a growing ant nest nearby. They’ve been “dispatched” by the colony to search for food and soon trails of the nuisance insects will inevitably follow.

Am I required to do anything before the exterminator arrives?

It is a good idea if you vacuum thoroughly the affected areas beforehand to reduce the number of the insect pests. Also, cover and seal all food products in storage units securely to prevent them from getting in contact with the treatment product.

Are the insecticides toxic to pets?

We use powerful but safety-tested insecticidal products. Still, to be on the safe side, we recommend that all pets, including fish, are removed from the property during the product application. You can bring your pets back home after a couple of hours, following the treatment.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes. Fantastic Pest Control Perth operates seven days a week. Upon request and subject to availability, we may be able to send a specialist to your address even on a public holiday.