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  • Emergency cockroach control - If you need cockroach pest control right away, check our availability. If there are slots available, you can make a same-day booking.
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When to get cockroach control in Melbourne

The presence of cockroaches in homes and businesses is a common issue. There are many diseases they can carry and transmit, including gastroenteritis and dysentery, which can spread to food, cooking utensils and furnishings.

Cockroaches carry bacteria that can infect anything they walk across. From one food source to another, cockroaches can also spread E. coli and salmonella. Due to easy access to food and shelter, our homes are the ideal habitats for cockroaches, making pest control a necessity.

During their lifetime, cockroaches can lay over 300 eggs. You'll rarely see the whole infestation, which may be much larger than you imagined. It's a pretty sure sign something's wrong if you see cockroaches during the day since they're nocturnal creatures.

That would be the time to call for professional cockroach pest control in Melbourne before the infestation gets out of hand.

Why opt for professional cockroach control in Melbourne

To get rid of roaches, the best course of action is to hire a pest control company. Even though there are at-home pest control products available, using them correctly and safely can be challenging. Even after spending considerable amounts of time and money on dealing with roaches on their own, homeowners often find that their problem persists.

There are professional exterminators in your area who are familiar with the cockroaches near you. Cockroaches of all types, from German to American to Oriental to Australian to Smokey Brown, are treated by our cockroach exterminators regardless of how severe the infestation may be.

Food attracts these pests, and they like moist places to live. Usually, you'll find cockroaches in wood cabinets or cardboard boxes since they like to rest on wood. The kitchen, bathroom, barbecue and rubbish bin are other places where you may find cockroaches. Don't hesitate and seek the help of a professional cockroach exterminator.

Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong, and other major cities in Australia are all serviced by our pest technicians.

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How our cockroach control service in Melbourne works


If there are any countertops or food contact surfaces that need to be cleaned before the technician arrives, do so. Make sure there are no cardboard boxes or other items in your home that could create a shelter for cockroaches. In the hours leading up to the service visit, vacuum up any dead roaches and cockroach eggs that you can see.


When it comes to cockroach control, the first step is usually an inspection. Cockroach exterminators are trained to identify the source of the infestation and eliminate it effectively. You no longer have to wonder about signs of a cockroach infestation. Our pest controllers will explain everything in detail, and they will take appropriate steps to deal with the problem.

Cockroach control

Once our cockroach exterminators diagnose the problem, they'll choose an appropriate approach, like dusting, spraying, or baiting with cockroach pesticide. Most people prefer bait. During the process of flushing out the roaches, you might see some activity. It can take up to 30 days for the problem to be solved.

As long as the treatment works and the roaches are disturbed, this activity is simply a sign that the treatment is working. In order to determine if the cockroach infestation has been completely removed, you can request additional visits.

Cockroach prevention advice

You can avoid an infestation in the future by following the tips given by our experts. Your pest control specialist will explain what attracts cockroaches to your property and how to manage them. In addition to roaches, we can also deal with termites, ants, fleas, bed bugs, and various other pests.

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Frequently asked questions

What causes a cockroach infestation?

As far as roach infestations go, the usual suspects are clutter, food leftovers, and dampness. Clutter provides lots of shelter for them and since they don’t like being seen, that makes it the perfect living environment. Roaches can go a long time without feeding, but food leftovers are like an open buffet. And finally - dampness, because they get dehydrated easily. Eliminate these factors from your home and you will significantly reduce the chances of an infestation.

My home is clean. Why do I have cockroaches?

Although cleanliness is next to godliness, it doesn’t always guarantee you will avoid an infestation. Sometimes, excess humidity is enough to get roaches to your home. And, sometimes, they hitch-hike from somewhere else. The best thing you can do is pest-proof your home, keep it clean, don’t keep food leftovers lying around, and throw away the rubbish regularly. This doesn’t guarantee 100% that you won’t get roaches, but it definitely helps.

Are roaches dangerous?

Most people are confident that roaches are harmless, but this is not exactly right. Some species (like the German cockroach - small, brown, notoriously difficult to kill) will bite when provoked. But even that doesn’t make them dangerous. What constitutes them as a health hazard is the fact that they go through some pretty nasty places, thus covering their bodies in all manner of harmful bacteria and germs. After that, they may go through your pillows, your food, your utensils, and contaminate them. This is the real danger.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends. It can take up to three weeks for a small-scale infestation, but it can take even longer for a large-scale invasion. Also, different cockroaches have different resilience levels. German cockroaches are the most likely type of roach you may have in your home. Unfortunately, it’s also the most resilient. The only thing that’s certain is it won’t be quick. Effectiveness requires time.

How do I get rid of roaches forever?

Pest control experts can help you rid your house of cockroaches. Getting rid of cockroach infestations in your home or office requires a pest control expert to break the cockroach breeding cycle. Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and hygienic by storing food in airtight containers and using airtight containers for all food.

How do you get rid of cockroaches in your house?

Small cracks and gaps in walls and floors allow cockroaches to enter your home. Keeping your kitchen clean of food waste can help control cockroach infestations. Keep areas around dishwashers, under refrigerators, and in cracks and crevices free of food waste to eliminate cockroach food sources.

What is the difference between Australian vs American cockroaches?

Cockroaches in Australia and America differ greatly in appearance, but their largest difference is their size. Compared to Australian cockroaches, American cockroaches typically grow to a size of 40mm, as opposed to 20-30mm for Australian cockroaches. A reddish brown colour distinguishes the American cockroach from the Australian cockroach, which has a simple brown colouring.

What causes a cockroach infestation?

Clutter, leftover food, and dampness are the usual suspects regarding roach infestations. As they don't like to be seen, clutter provides them with many shelters, making it the perfect living environment. The food leftovers act as an open buffet for roaches, who can go for long periods without feeding. A final factor is dampness because they are prone to dehydration. You can drastically reduce the likelihood of an infestation by eliminating these factors from your home.

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