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Get a Spider Exterminator & Free Your Melbourne Home from the Creepy Pests

Foreigners associate Australia with its deadly creatures for a reason. Nature has been rather generous in providing a diverse environment for all kinds of creepy crawlies to thrive Down Under - from venomous snakes, crocodiles and intimidating sharks to poisonous but relatively innocuous scorpions and of course, a variety of dangerous spiders. And if these varmints are no bother to anyone while in the wild, it’s a different story when they trespass human territory.

Well, Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne is no Crocodile Dundee, but we are experts at providing specialist spider removal solutions if you have trouble getting rid of a Funnel-web intruder or eliminating a Redback spider infestation.

Home survey for crawling pests

Upon arrival, the pest controller will inspect carefully your premises to evaluate the level of your spider infestation or identify the type of spider problem you have. Our spider control service is generally done in one visit, so the technician will proceed with the treatment as soon as the specificity of the issue has been determined.

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Pest technician placing bait for rodents

During treatment, we recommend that you and your family vacate the property for a few hours, together with any pets that you might have. Although we use approved insecticides that are safe to humans and pets, it is best if the house is empty for a couple of hours after the treatment. This time is needed for the chemicals to settle.

The spider exterminator will treat all visible traces of spider activity, such as their webs, eggs and adult specimens, as well as their likely hiding places and points of entry.

After the service, you should air the place well as a safety precaution.

Pest technician looking for crawling pests

We offer 1-month guarantee service options, which include two extra visits for your peace of mind. In a space of three months, the professional pest controller will inspect your property and treat it again if there are still signs of a spider infestation.

Please, note that a pesticide treatment is most effective against web-spinning spiders as their webs are conspicuous and can be targeted directly. However, it is much harder to succeed in eliminating nomadic and hunter spiders, such as the White-tailed spider and the Huntsman spider. Unless the pest controller sees one, they can only spray the spider’s likely hideaways and points of entry, where the insect will hopefully come into contact with the chemical.

Pest controller preventing crawling pests

Your pest controller will provide you with helpful tips on how to protect your family from the creepy critters. Although you cannot be in full control of insects sneaking into your property, you can minimise the risk by maintaining a clutter-free environment, as well as use natural repellents, such as peppermint oil, horse chestnuts, white vinegar sprays, which spiders hate.

Furthermore, you will be provided with comprehensive post-service and aftercare advice, as well as with a full service report on the product that has been used. On that note, you should refrain from vacuum cleaning your place after treatment for at least 5 days, nor should you remove any spider webs, so you can get the full effect of the treatment. Failure to do so will disqualify your warranty.

If you're plagued by any other pests, let us know. We also provide flea treatment, cockroach extermination, possum removal, termite treatment, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of spiders are common in Australia?

There are many web-spinning, ground-dwelling, garden orb-weaving and nomadic spiders in the country. Some of them are pretty harmless and others can pose a risk to humans if provoked, as their poison may cause a severe allergic reaction and even death.

What could be the cause for my spider infestation?

Hunting and running spiders are rarely seen in their numbers indoors, whereas web-building spiders can quickly infest your home. There may not be any particular reason for a web-weaving spider to take a fancy to your home and breed. Sometimes, the abundance of food, in the face of other insects, could prompt the creatures to settle in your house and reproduce.

Do you treat exterior surfaces, too?

Yes. We can treat exterior walls and outdoor structures with an effective insecticide and exterminate swelled populations of spiders outside your property. We will ask you to clear any clutter in your yard, which could prevent the Fantastic pest controller from having an easy access to the target area.

Am I required to do anything before the service?

It will be helpful if you vacuum clean your property and do a general tidy up to ensure that there isn’t anything that might hinder the execution of the service. Also, pets, including fish, hamsters and guinea pigs in glass tanks or cages, should be removed from your house while the treatment is taking place.