Sometimes the Smallest Threats Deal the Most Damage. Get Your Home Checked for Termites!

  • Inspection, Treatment and Proofing
  • Fully Insured and Certified Exterminators
  • Ongoing Termite Control and Monitoring
  • Customised Price Quotations

There's a 20% Chance Your Home is Infested with Termites. Don't Play Russian Roulette!

Discovered a termite nest on your property in Perth? Then, don’t risk doing more damage than good by trying to handle the infestation yourself! Call Fantastic Pest Control and schedule a specialised inspection! We’ve got the experience, tools, knowledge and skills to deal with your problem with white ants effectively and in a timely manner.

The company counts on trained, qualified and certified local termite control professionals. They use advanced observation and extermination methods and products against the wood destroying insects with guaranteed results. The Fantastic pros apply specially devised 4-stage procedures for a comprehensive termite pest control and management.

The Four Steps for Termite Control

Problem assessment

When the exterminator arrives, he will investigate your case carefully to determine the extent of the damages by checking wooden structures around your property. He will also look for other traces of termite activity. Once the pro evaluates the scale of the termite infestation, he will explain the available treatment options, the process involved and the time that will take him to eradicate the issue. You will be also provided with a precise quote for the service.

Termite treatment

A single termite insecticidal treatment never resolves the problem as the wood damaging pests are usually busy breeding and making tunnels deep into the structures of your property. Hence, your service provider will schedule several visits over a period of 3 to 6 months in order to achieve complete eradication of the infestation. Some of the methods used include setting up termite stations (monitoring and bait devices), as well as the use of other insecticidal products.

Termite control

Our effective termite control continues after the initial appointment. The technician may need to visit your premises from 3 to 6 times at regular intervals. He will check the treatment progress, change bait stations, may locate nests and treat them or spray affected wooden fixtures in the building. This way, the infestation will be dealt with effectively and to the highest level of standard, leading to the complete eradication of your termite problem.

Proofing advice

The service also includes free prevention and proofing advice, provided expertly by the termite removal technician. And while regular inspections of your property prove an adequate preventative and control measure against the destroyers, there are things that you can do yourself, too. You can apply termite barriers around your property, relocate firewood and ensure that your property in Perth is well ventilated and in a good state of repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the termite insecticides safe?

We employ methods and use chemical solutions, which have been approved and tested for their safety. Your pest technician will inform you about all the products he intends to use and will present you with a written report at the end of the service that contains other detailed information.

How fast can you respond to my service request?

We will strive to organise a termite inspection for you without delay. The customer care team will book the first available slot for a day and time that are convenient to you, including weekends and public holidays.

Do you treat business premises against termites?

Yes. Our company provides pest control services to both commercial and residential clients.

How do I know that I’ve got termites at home and not any other wood boring insects?

There are several signs that point to a termite activity going on within your property. Termites move along distinct-looking mud tunnels. Also, wooden fixtures would be littered with small exit holes with soil around the edges. Piles of swarmer wings also indicate a termite infestation. A pest control expert will be able to easily point out these to you.