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As cuddly and adorable pets can be, sometimes they can cause quite a bit of trouble without even knowing it. We speak, of course, about fleas. Using your pets as a temporary ride, they will infest your home and reproduce at an astounding rate before you even receive your first bite.

In such cases, over-the-counter insecticides will often prove to be ineffective, and you may even accidentally poison your pet! If you don’t want to take such risks (and you really shouldn’t), trust your flea exterminator in Sydney to efficiently free your home from the vicious creatures.

Out flea removal process explained in steps

Thorough Inspection

A skilled flea pest control specialist will visit your property at a day and time of your preference. He will make sure to inspect every inch of your property in order to pinpoint the source of your flea infestation. Please, make sure to vacuum everywhere you can prior to the treatment. We do not recommend vacuuming or mopping for up to 3 weeks after the service.

Professional Treatment

Normally, our flea control in Sydney can be concluded in a single session. The pest controller will use an insecticide spray with a strong knock-down effect on any infested area in your property. The spray has a 3-month-long residual effect, meaning that any fleas that decide to get too close to your property during this period will get eliminated almost immediately.

Post-service Viewing

You have 3 months warranty period.

Prevention Advice

At the end of your treatment, the specialist will share some helpful tips that you can use to enjoy a flea-free home even in the presence of your adorable pets. The professionals can also rid you of: cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, and more.

Save your property from nasty fleas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the feeding habits of fleas?

Adult fleas feed on mammal blood, but it is the females who really take things too far (they can drink 15 times their own weight per day). However, their larvae feed on pet or human dandruff, discarded skin, hair, and any other organic debris they can find in your property.

Where do these bugs prefer to hide?

Unfortunately, you will often find fleas comfortably snuggled in your pet’s fur. Their eggs can also spread throughout your entire property, infesting your bedding, furniture, and flooring. As for larvae, they often lurk deep within the carpet fabric or in convenient hardwood floor crevices.

How quickly can fleas reproduce?

Incredibly fast – expect anywhere between 40 and 50 eggs each day! This means that a single female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs during its 2-month lifespan. If that happens, your only solution is to book a professional flea treatment as DIY methods won’t do the job fast enough.

Can fleas transmit any diseases?

Yes, a great variety of them at that. While it’s highly unlikely for a human being to contract most of these diseases, a potential infection can have an adverse effect on your health. Some of the diseases these insects may carry include typhus, bubonic plague, and even worm parasites.