Rats Are the Problem. Fantastic Rat Control in Brisbane - The Solution!

  • A wide range of the latest rat removal methods
  • Using only child and pet safe rodenticides
  • All-week-round availability (incl. public holidays)
  • Full coverage of Brisbane and the suburbs

Hire a Rat Control Pro in Brisbane with Us & Forget Your Worries

Having sleepless nights because of rats scurrying in your attic? Panic not but get Fantastic Pest Control in Brisbane to see to the problem! We will assign a fully certified and insured local exterminator to the rat removal task without delay. The pest technician will inspect the affected areas and will bring all the equipment and products, required for an effective eradication of the infestation.

To book a service with us and save yourself the hassle of dealing with any property damages, caused by the pesky rats, fill the form online or call us at your convenience! Our company operates 7 days a week, so you can schedule your session for a time that suits you best.

The Four Steps for Rat Control

On-site Inspection

Upon arrival, the Fantastic rat control expert will assess the extent of the infestation by inspecting carefully your property. He will identify the areas affected the most by the infestation (ex: kitchens, pantries, attics, basements) by evaluating the evidence of rodent activity. Rats will leave marks, stains and excreta behind, as well as damage food packages and interior property fixtures. Once, the specialist completes the survey, he will proceed with applying the most effective rat extermination treatment.

Rat Extermination

The technician will explain in detail his action plan to you and inform you of all the safety measures you may need to consider. The rat removal treatment may include the use of powdered rodenticides, mechanical traps and poisonous baits. If we need to put stations outside the property it will cost an extra $40 per station.

The products have a long-term effect and will successfully neutralise the rat infestation in a space of a couple of weeks. The technician will also block entry points (gaps and cracks) so that the rodents have no chance of escaping or re-entering your property.

Post-service Monitoring

You can take advantage of our complete care service options, which include up to 1 follow up visit in a space of 60 days. The guaranteed service is recommended for widespread rat infestations, especially when it comes to commercial facilities in the food industry sector. So, at the first sign of any remaining rat activity, simply get in touch with us and schedule your follow-up inspection.

Aside from rats, we can also assist you with removing possums, getting rid of ants, and treating termites.

Prevention and Reporting

At the end of your session, the pro will present you with a written service report, which will contain information about the methods and products used, as well as any applicable safety and warranty-related advice. You can also take advantage of the technician’s expert tips on how to prevent recurrences and proof your property against the vermin so that you can maintain a rat-free environment for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a rat infestation?

Apart from hearing distinct squeaks and scratching noises after dark, you may also notice rats droppings, strange marks, holes in the trim work, damaged wires and cables, as well as chewed-on food packages, books and soft furniture.

Why do I need a professional when I can set some traps myself?

We advise you to hire an expert to inspect your property, in order to be sure that you’ve got a rat infestation. This way, you won’t risk harming a possum, for instance, which can be easily confused for a rat. Note that the marsupials are legally protected and hurting the animal will land you with a hefty fine.

What should I do to prevent a rat infestation?

The best you can do is to block all possible points of entry, such as gaps around cables and pipes that go through walls, cracks, loose floorboards, etc. Outdoors, you should cut back overgrown areas near your property and tidy up garden clutter. In addition, keep food sources properly secured and maintain a high level of cleanliness at all times.

Is your service guaranteed?

Single treatments are not guaranteed. To benefit from the full effect of our rat extermination solutions, you should schedule our multiple-visitations service options, which include monitoring procedures and free inspections over a period of three months.