Stop Termites Dead in their Tracks with a Termite Treatment in Brisbane

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Wood Creaking Too Much? Perhaps it's Time for a Termite Inspection in Brisbane

Worried about termites gradually destroying your home and furniture? Then, don’t delay booking an inspection with a professional! Fantastic Pest Control in Brisbane specialises in comprehensive termite treatment solutions by applying proven strategies, designed to provide you with continuous control and protection over a long period of time.

We work with skilled, well-equipped and fully insured termite exterminators who hold all relevant certifications. They are trained to employ the latest termite removal techniques and are fully qualified to use industry-grade termite monitoring and extermination devices and products. The Fantastic local experts follow a 4-step eradication process with proven results.

The Four Steps for Termite Control

Inspection and Planning

Your termite removal session will begin with a thorough survey. The pest technician will look for signs of termite evidence, such as sagging floors, weakened wooden structures, damaged furniture, small heaps of frass at the base of trim work, etc. The Fantastic specialist will then come up with the best possible termite treatment approach for your specific case, based on the extent of the infestation and the type of termite species that are causing the problem.

Termite Control

The technician will use spraying and dusting techniques. He will resort to the most effective method that is suitable for your situation. He may place monitoring stations as part of the first treatment stage, followed by installing bait stations at a later date. Direct wood treatment with chemical fumigants is also sometimes an appropriate solution (ex: severe infestations). Upon discovery of a termite nest, the specialist will treat it immediately with a powerful termite insecticide in the form of spray or powder.

Further Observation

Your termite removal service includes close monitoring of your property over a period of 3 to 6 months. The termite expert will visit your home or business facility several times and perform all the necessary procedures, whether they involve changing the bait stations or applying a different insecticidal product. He will observe the situation until he could confirm that the infestation has been eliminated and your property is in the clear.

If you need help with others pests, we're here for you! Whether you need help with ant eradication, rat control, or possum removal in Brisbane, you can always count on us!

Prevention Tips

The Fantastic pro will be happy to share with you his expert knowledge and prevention advice on how to protect your home or business property against the wood destroying pests. He may advise you on reducing the moisture levels in the sub-floor area of the building by improving ventilation or suggest other proofing measures against the white ants. Also, you can take advantage of our regular termite inspection options, in order to stay safe and avoid recurrences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recognise the signs of a termite infestation?

Damaged wooden fixtures, surfaces and furniture can be identified by their appearance (ex: sagging floorboards), by the size of the termite exit holes, by the heaps of mud and frass, which indicate, respectively, the presence of subterranean or drywood termites, by the hollow sound when you knock on the surface, etc. You may also spot piles of wings, which swarmer termites shed before they start a new colony. It’s best, however, to leave the job of confirming a termite infestation to a professional.

What are the most common termite species in Australia?

Subterranean termites and drywood termites are the most common problem makers Down Under and Brisbane is not an exclusion. The first type is especially hard to identify in time as the insects move fast underground. And by the time you discover any evident signs, the infestation is usually already spread. In contrast, the drywood species eat through the wooden structures of the building from the roof downwards.

Do I need to do anything before the service?

You don’t need to do anything specific before the specialist arrives. It is vital that you don’t disturb the termites by poking damaged wooden fixtures, as you may prompt the insects to move to other sites, making the infestation harder to contain and eradicate.

What can I do to avoid future problems with termites?

You should fix leaks, maintain humidity levels low, keep vegetation near your property down, remove wood debris from your garden and most importantly, resort to a professional termite inspection on a regular basis.