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Enjoy a Quiet Night with Our Possum Removal Solutions in Melbourne

If you believe that there is a possum in your roof space, we can help you remove it from your property in a safe, humane and hassle-free manner. Fantastic Pest Control in Melbourne works with fully insured, experienced and licensed wildlife controllers, who will comply with all applicable regulations during the possum removal process.

Dealing with a possum problem yourself may not only prove unsuccessful but it can also land you in trouble with the authorities, due to your lack of knowledge and unawareness of the enforced legislation. There are hefty fines for individuals who do not apply the approved possum control methods, such as the use of specially designed possum cage traps in combination with the correct release conditions. So, don’t risk it but entrust a professional with the delicate job of catching your uninvited guest.

Technician surveying the environment, looking for possums

We get plenty of calls from Melburnians who believe that they have a possum in the loft only to find out that it is rats that bother them. Hence, if you suspect an intruder in your property, leave it to the pros and let them identify what species it is. The nocturnal marsupials are loud, clumsy and they can be also recognised by the specific pungent smell they leave behind.

Rats, on the other hand, are rather stealthy rodents who can sneak around unnoticeably for some time. Moreover, you can discern the presence of rats by the quiet gnawing and scratching sounds they produce.

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Our advanced possum removal methods are applied in accordance with the Wildlife Act and DELWP regulations. The qualified and licensed possum catcher will place traps with baits in strategic places, which have been identified as the likely points of entry for the marsupial. The traps do not put the possum under any risk, nor do they interfere with its well-being.

As there have been cases in Victoria, where homeowners have used the outright illegal and thoroughly inhumane steel-jaw traps to catch possums and subsequently faced a jail sentence, we can’t stress enough how important it is to leave the job to a licensed wildlife controller.

possum removal observation

Your possum removal service will most likely include several visits by the possum controller who will check the traps on a regular basis. When the possum gets caught, the specialist will remove the trap and release the animal back in Nature.

Whenever possible, depending on the specifics of your property, the marsupial will be caught via a one-way exit method. For your peace of mind, you can also count on our emergency response. This means that we will come and remove the animal, once it has entered the trap, to save you from further inconvenience and to avoid causing undesirable distress to the possum.

Possum removal prevention

As part of the service, the Fantastic possum removal expert will point out to you all the measures you can undertake in order to prevent the possum from re-entering your roof space. Proofing your property and sealing all points of entry are the only way to keep these adept climbers at bay.

If you're having trouble with other pests, don't hesitate to give us a call. We also provide rat eradication, ant extermination, bird removal, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recognise whether I’ve got rats or possums?

You can count on the experienced possum controller to confirm whether you are dealing with a possum or you have a rat issue. However, it is a known fact that mice and rats can be heard in your loft at all times of the day, whereas possums are exclusively nocturnal creatures. They are most active at night and will make sure that you hear their banging noise. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to have rats and a possum co-existing under the same roof.

My garden plants have been demolished by a possum. Can you help?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that we can do about this. We will attempt to remove the possum only if it has broken entry to your house. It is illegal to interfere with possums in any way unless they have found shelter in your loft or in another structure of your property. There are several ways, however, which may help you repel the possum with a relative success. You can try using motion-activated sprinklers, plant strong-scented plants or place a possum nest box in a strategic spot and well away from your immediate property.

Will you relocate the possum in a way that it does not return to my property?

Relocating a possum is also illegal. An experimental research has proven that relocated possums die in a space of a couple of weeks. The Law says that a possum should be released within 50 metres radius from where it was caught and never in the daylight, because the animal will endure unnecessary stress. It is up to you, then, to ensure that all points of entry are sealed. You can also take actions and make your place undesirable for possums. These may include placing collars around fruit trees, pruning branches of trees that touch or are close to your roof, installing a floppy fence around your garden, which bends easily and more.

I can live with a possum, as they are so cute. But are there any possum-borne diseases I should worry about?

Possums can transmit dangerous diseases to humans, such as leptospirosis, mycobacteriosis, rickettsia and Lyme disease. There’s also the Buruli bacteria, carried by possums, which causes painful skin ulcers in humans. Moreover, possums’ faeces may contain the gut parasite cryptosporidium and their urine can cause breathing problems for asthmatics. They are wild animals, so it is advisable that you do not allow them to settle in your house, as their excrements may pose a danger to your health.

Can you help me proof my roof and seal all points of entry?

Our service does not include building or handyman solutions but we can point you in the right direction and offer our free proofing and prevention advice to you. As part of the Fantastic brand, we can only recommend that you contact the Fantastic handyman branch, should you need assistance with sealing holes in your property structure.

How long does it take to catch the possum?

Well, this will depend on how hungry or clever your possum-lodger is. The successful outcome may vary, with regards to timescale, but in our experience, a possum will be removed from the client’s property within 5 to 7 days.

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