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Wasps are unscrupulous usurpers. Once they enter a relatively secluded spot, such as a garage, attic, or basement, they will build their nest with whatever they can find and multiply by the hundreds. They are also awfully territorial and won’t be afraid to use their stings multiple times on anyone who tries to approach their nest. If you ever find yourself in a similar boat, call the specialists at Fantastic Pest Control Sydney to ensure your safety and that of your family.

Pest controller surveying for flying pests

Our wasp nest removal in Sydney includes a thorough inspection by a seasoned exterminator. Once the professional arrives at your address, he will take a good look at the nest in order to determine how to neutralise it in the quickest and safest way possible.

Important: if you know where the nest is located, please tell us if the technicians must bring a ladder with them.

Local wasp nest removal

The pest controller will spray the nest with a highly effective insecticide. The powder is specifically designed to target the wasps’ nervous system, killing them in the process.

The professional will then proceed to physically remove the nest from your property (as long as it’s not situated higher than 3.5 metres above the ground). The insecticide also has a prolonged repelling effect, ensuring that your property will not become reinfested immediately after.

Pest technician taking preventative measures against flying pestsThe professional will come back at a later date to check if the treatment has been successful. You have 3 months warranty period after the service.

Pest technician gives prevention advice

With the infestation extinguished, the specialist can stay for a while longer to provide you with some useful advice on how to prevent wasps infestations in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wasps aggressive?

Female wasps (the only ones that can sting) will never attack you unprovoked. It is, however, a whole different story if you decide to approach their nest. If you get stung, the insect will emit a special chemical, “marking” you as a target for all the other wasps to follow!

What do wasps feed on?

Wasps usually feed on nectar, carrion, honey, and fallen fruit. They are also known to hunt for caterpillars and other insects, which makes them very valuable ally to farmers. In urban environments, however, they are more of a nuisance than anything else.

How many wasps can live in a nest?

This depends on the season, as well as on the size of the nest. Typically, you can expect about 3000 to 6000 insects during the hottest days of summer. We suggest booking our wasp removal in Sydney as soon as you spot a nest to prevent this hazard from going out of hand.

Can the stingers nest in the ground?

Wasps are incredibly adaptive creatures, so it’s not a rare sight to see them occupying a former mouse hole or a rabbit burrow. They can also nest inside wall cavities, dead tree trunks, fascias, air bricks and in any other place that gives the wasp kingdom enough space to grow.

What if the nest is located at my neighbour’s house?

You will have to notify us as the technician is not allowed to jump over the fence without receiving a permission from your neighbour to do so. However, the specialist can still help you keep the stingers at bay by laying a few potent poison trap baits around your property.

How should I prepare for the service?

Please remove all pets (fish included) from the area prior to the treatment. Upon completion, we will ask you to leave the premises for 2 hours as it takes a bit of time for the powder to settle.

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