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With all the food inside, an ant infestation shouldn’t surprise you at all. That, however, is not to say you should put up with it. Such an invasion calls for a prompt ant control because these insect pests transfer many bacteria and germs. That’s how your food gets contaminated, especially when sugar ants are involved. Not only that, but ants nesting indoors can cause structural damage to your property. They form colonies in ceilings and walls, causing the electrical wiring to malfunction. So in case you see signs of an ant invasion, contact Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne right away.

Spotting an ant or two inside is a pretty sure sign you’ll be needing pest control services pretty soon. These lone ants are called “scouts”, and it is their job to search for food. And not long after, the entire colony will follow the scouts into your house. To put an end to the ant infestation, get hold of the ant treatment experts. 



The ant exterminators need to determine the level of the infestation. They also need to locate where the ant colony is situated. It will usually be nearby. All this information is necessary in order to take the right course of action.


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The ant control technicians will then use dust or spray insecticides around the whole house and set pesticide baits around food areas. In both cases, ants will bring poison back to the colony, where the queen will be affected and eventually killed. Since most ant species can only have one queen, this will deal a deadly blow to the whole colony. With the poison acting on them, even if they have the ability to develop a “backup queen” (as some species do), she will die as well. Once the colony is dealt with, your home will be safe from unwanted insect guests.

In case you have any lingering doubts, you can schedule a second ant control visit, which will determine if the problem has been fully dealt with.  The ant pest controllers will then have another look around the premises.

After they’re done with the ant treatment, the technicians will give you advice on how to proof your home and how to repel more potential attacks from this tiny invader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused my ant problem?

Ants would literally eat anything, so any food leftovers are bound to attract them. Whether you left pizza in the open rubbish bin, spaghetti in the fridge, or an open snack in the kitchen cabinet, as long as it exerts any sort of scent, you can be certain that, sooner or later, it will attract ants. They are especially fond of sugary foods, so anything sweet works like an ant magnet.

How can I deal with the infestation?

The best way to deal with an infestation is to remove the reason for the infestation. Ants came to your home in search of food. This means that you should put food leftovers in sealed containers. You should clean spillages immediately. Take out the rubbish regularly, especially if there are food leftovers inside. Ants have a very keen sense of smell. If they can’t smell food, they will assume it’s not there. This will deprive them of a reason to stay.

What’s a natural ant repellent?

Ants communicate mostly through their olfactory receptors or, in other words, their sense of smell. This means strong scents are their natural enemies. They mask their pheromonal pathways and block signals they send each other. Peppermint oil, citrus oil, cinnamon, and vinegar are perfect for this job. Apply them around possible ant entry points or pathways. You should notice a change in their behaviour soon.

Are ants dangerous?

Some species can be. Australia has some pretty aggressive ant species, such as the bull ant. They have huge mandibles and their bite is extremely painful. They are also quite big in size, so you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying them. To be certain, it’s best to keep your distance and call in professionals.