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Spare Yourself the Headache and Get Professional Possum Removal in Brisbane

If you suspect that you might have a possum on your property in Brisbane, don’t risk legal actions against you by trying to handle the issue yourself! Call Fantastic Pest Control and let a professional and licensed possum catcher deal with the marsupial in accordance with all wildlife protection laws.

We employ only industry-set possum removal, relocation and release techniques, which are performed with your safety and the animal’s well-being in mind. Contact us with confidence online or by phone and we’ll dispatch an experienced and fully insured local expert to free you from the problem!

The Four Steps for Possum Removal


When the wildlife controller arrives, the first thing he will do is to investigate the situation. He will check for specific signs, such as droppings, stains on your ceiling, structural indoor damages and traces of possum activity in your garden, etc. This way, he’ll confirm with a precision that he’s dealing with the presence of a possum in your attic and not rats, for instance. Then, he’ll proceed with applying an approved possum control method, which is, by all means, safe and humane.

Possum Removal

The possum control technician will inspect your property and will try to identify the entry point, which the marsupial has used to get into your home. If possible, he may employ the one-way exit method in combination with setting up a special cage with a bait. The idea is that when the possum gets hungry eventually, it will enter the cage to get the bait. Note that in no way the animal is likely to suffer during this process.


The service naturally includes a monitoring period, which may last about 5 days. During this time, the local possum catcher will come and check the cage every 24 hours. Your involvement is also vital, so do remain vigilant and call us straight away if the marsupial has taken the bait. We’ll send the technician without delay to remove the animal safely and avoid causing the possum unnecessary distress and suffering.

Our pest controller is obliged by law to release the possum in 50 meters in diameters from the place where is captured. Are other animals pestering you?

We also offer ant control, termite inspection and treatment, as well as rat control in Brisbane.

Keeping the Animal at Bay

Once, the possum has been finally caught and removed by the Fantastic specialist, he will advise you on how to proof your property against any future uninvited furry guests and prevent the same accident from happening again. For more information on this, also check our FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What possum species are mostly found in Brisbane?

There are three possum species found in the Greater Brisbane region. The types that are most likely to bring problems to homeowners in the suburbs are the Common Brushtail Possum, the Mountain Brushtail Possum and the Common Ringtail Possum.

Can you relocate the possum as far as possible from my home?

The existing legislation states that possums should be relocated within 50 metres from where they have been caught. Failure to do so is basically illegal. The marsupial is a protected species and any distress caused to the animal carries a serious fine.

How can I keep the possum from coming back?

Seal gaps that lead to your under roof space, remove clutter and firewood piles away from the structure of your property and prune nearby trees so that you don’t give these adept climbers the opportunity to access your home. You can also install a wobbly fence. Or if you own a very large garden, why not place a possum nest box well away from the building?

I’ve got a possum in my garden. Can you catch it?

By law, we are not allowed to disturb the possum if it has settled out in the open. What you can do is reduce the risk of the marsupial entering your property by cutting back vegetation next to the building, by removing handy branches and by blocking possible entry points. You can also invest in various store-bought or natural possum repellent solutions.