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Protect your home with professional cockroach pest control

These slick, slimey, smelly bugs are incredibly intrusive and adaptive. Sure, they are annoying and disgusting. But did you know that they bring all sorts of health concerns as well? After all, they move through the filthiest of all places, they consume rotting food and feces. Some observations suggest that they carry viruses as well. Not to mention the putrid smell that fills up the infested areas due to their horrible flatulence. In case you are experiencing this, then you definitely need a cockroach exterminator.

As one of the most adaptive and omnivorous insects, the humble roach can thrive almost anywhere. And they breed fast. Very fast. Before you know it, an infestation can get out of control. So, as soon as you notice the signs of infestation, you should take immediate action,

Contact us when you need cockroach control in Brisbane and we will respond with a timely and effective service that will eliminate the annoying bugs and bring you lasting protection. We offer you a reliable cockroach extermination service.

Signs of infestation

Cockroach faeces - You can easily confuse these for spilled black pepper. Small, blackish, brownish, dots, scattered in the secluded areas of your property.

Exoskeletal shedding - Roaches shed their exoskeleton, leaving brownish flakes. That’s right, they leave behind their flaky full-body boogers for you to find and be horrified.

Property damage - You are more likely to notice the other signs of infestation first but there will be some damage to your property as well in case the roaches don’t have easy access to food. They might begin to graze on books and leather.

Unpleasant stench - A cockroach infestation brings a terrible musty smell to the property. This is because they produce a lot of gas and pheromones in order to attract more cockroaches. The lingering smell is quite unpleasant and it is a sign of a very serious infestation.

Live bugs - And of course, actually seeing the roaches as they crawl around is a pretty good indication that the place is infested. The bugs rarely come out during the day but if you see one in broad daylight, then that is a very bad sign and you should be taking immediate measures.

The Step-by-step process of cockroach removal

Comprehensive pest inspection

When the pest control technicians arrive at your property, he will carry out an inspection. This way, he will be able to determine the scale of the infestation and take the most adequate countermeasures. Roaches need access to water and food, therefore the most susceptible areas are the bathroom and the kitchen. The technician will make sure to check the area under your sink, the drains, as well as the secluded areas where the bugs might be hiding.

When the pest exterminator determines the scope of the infestation, he will choose the most suitable treatment method to eliminate the annoying bugs. There are three main methods that we resort to.

Bait - Special baits are placed strategically all over the property to lure the roaches out. They consume the substance and scatter. They will try to go as far away from your property as possible. Eventually they will perish. Nearby roaches will consume the carcases, thus the pesticide will transfer to them. This is a very powerful domino effect that will eliminate thousands of insects within the days after the treatment.

Dust application - The areas that are most heavily affected by the roach infestation will be treated with powerful powder. This has an immediate knock-down effect that will eliminate the existing roaches and detter the rest. The powder has a lasting effect and it will protect your property from reinfestation so there is no need for cockroach fumigation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are dealing with small (up to 1,5 cm) brownish cockroaches in the kitchen, then you are dealing with the so called German variety. They are extremely resilient and hard to deal with. It might take up to three weeks to have your property cleared of these pesky invaders. However, keep in mind that there is not such thing as German cockroach pest control. Our methods are great against all species.

Post-treatment inspection

If you’d like to have your property inspected professionally after a couple of weeks or so in order to determine if the infestation is gone, then please make sure to contact us. We will send a technician who will take a closer look. Keep in mind that the roach activity will rise after the treatment but this simply means that it is working.

Cockroach Infestation Prevention

There some measures that you can take to reduce the likelihood of a cockroach infestation:

  • General home cleanliness and decluttering
  • Taking care of accidental spills immediately
  • Fixing indoor leaks as soon as possible
  • Not letting household rubbish to pile up
  • Keeping your food properly sealed
  • Sealing possible entry points

Of course, these are just general good practices but they don’t guarantee you complete protection against pest infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes cockroach infestation?

These bugs are cosmopolitan and very adaptive. They are found in the sewage system. They can easily infest any man-made structure, given enough time. They seek access to water, food and shelter. Older, neglected structures are more likely to be infested but every place can become infested, given enough time.

How much time is necessary for the treatment to take effect?

No matter the size of your property and the scale of the infestation, you can expect an immediate knockout effect. However, some roach species are more resilient than others. It will be a few days until the effect fully takes place and your property is successfully proofed.

Are cockroaches dangerous to health?

These slimy bugs pass through the filthiest of places. They are covered in bacteria and can even transmit some viruses such as polio. Roaches eat pretty much anything, even feces. The bacteria they ingest can live in them for months. Therefore, yes, cockroaches do pose some dangers to human health.

Are there any smells that can keep the roaches at bay?

Yes, there are. Cockroaches have an extremely well developed sense of smell. And you can use their superpower against them, You can spray the infested areas with a solution of water and lavender oil. On the other hand, you can situate some citrus fruit peelings at some strategic points around your home as those can deter the bugs away. But no matter what, a heavy infestation will require some professional assistance.

I find the carcasses of roaches around my place. What is going on?

Chances are that a property near yours has been treated against roaches and now they are scattering. Some end up at your place in search for new shelter but they have already been affected by treatment, thus they perish.

I saw a cockroach at home. Does this mean that there is an infestation?

Did you see the cockroach during the day? If this is indeed the case, then this is usually a good sign that things are getting out of control. After all, roaches are night dwellers and one coming out during the day is a bad sign.

Types of cockroaches in Brisbane, Australia

Oriental cockroach

This cockroach is about two centimetres and it appears black or dark brown. Contrary to its name, it actually cannot perform the belly dance. The females can bring about 16 eggs in one case (called ootheca). The nymphs take surprisingly long to develop into adults - between 6 and 18 months. These roaches are natural born survivors. They enjoy damp and cool areas. You are most likely to spot them in basements, around drains and under your porch. However, the oriental cockroach also has an appetite for household waste so you might spot them around fallen leaves and tips.

German cockroach

A German cockroach is actually not some slang. This is a legitimate species and they are very annoying to deal with. They are small (up to 1,5 cm) and brownish. A female can carry up to 40 eggs in her ootheca. This is a fast breeder, the small ones hatch within a month and they can take up to six month to blossom into beautiful, graceful adults that ready to crawl all over your place and make it stinky. They prefer the indoors, especially the kitchen area where they have easy access to hiding spots and food.

Australian cockroach

Now, don’t be rooting for this one just because it is a native. Remember, a roach is a roach. They are all equally evil and annoying. These home invaders usually come at night from overgrown areas and neglected areas with scattered junk. The Aussie variety doesn’t like the cold so you can usually spot it in warmer areas. Their egg case can contain up to 24 eggs and the nymphs require from 6 to 12 months to develop into adults.

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