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Cockroaches are one of the oldest pests known to mankind. Yet, here they are thousands of years later, lurking in our kitchens and bathrooms and giving us headaches. But what makes these almond-smelling bugs keep coming back into our homes? Well, it’s simple. They offer the perfect balance between humidity, temperature, and tasty food that roaches need to thrive. Cockroach control can easily solve your problem.

Once they move into a cosy spot, they will multiply by the hundreds. And whether you’re facing an Australian, American, or a German cockroach, they all have one very dangerous thing in common – they carry an astronomical number of diseases. Hire our cockroach exterminators in Sydney to eliminate the infestation before the bugs have the chance to do any harm.

Our Cockroach Removal Process is Simple Yet Effective!

Thorough Inspection

On the day of your appointment, a seasoned pest controller will arrive to inspect your home or place of business for any signs of the six-legged intruders. Once the nests and all entry points are located and the cockroach species is identified, the exterminator will next decide on how to best dispose of the pest

Professional Treatment

The specialist will use strong powder- (not applied in restaurants) and spray-based insecticides to treat the infested areas in your property. These products have a long residual effect, meaning that they will protect your property from further cockroach invasions for a long time afterwards. The pest technician can also use a special gel bait.

Post-service Viewing

Upon request, the cockroach exterminator in Sydney can come back at a later time to check if the treatment was successful. Have in mind, that the extermination period is about 3-4 weeks. If you see cockroaches in your home in this duration it's mean that the treatment work. If your service includes using baits, then the cockroaches who eat the bait will die soon. And as cockroaches eat each other, the poison will then transferred to the next cockroach, thus exterminating up to 40 cockroaches.

Prevention Advice

Pest controller preventing crawling pestsNow that the cockroaches have vanished, the professional can give you some useful tips on how to proof your property in order to prevent future infestations. What about other pests? We can handle that, too. We offer a host of other services, such as rodent control, ant control, bed bug extermination, and more.

Save your home from nasty cockroaches!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have cockroaches taken over my property?

While quite uncommon, this phenomenon is not unheard of. Roaches will usually only resort to biting people if they have no other available source of food. Some species, however, tend to inflict bites much more often, which is the case with the widespread German cockroach.

What are the eating habits of roaches?

These agile insects are content with eating pretty much anything. And we do mean anything – leather, soap, glue, human hair, sugar, cardboard, and rotten wood are but a small fraction of their weird daily menu. When the food gets scarce, they will even resort to cannibalism!

How long can cockroaches survive?

Cockroaches are pretty resilient creatures. They can live for up to a month without ingesting any food. They can even survive for an entire week without a head! The only thing that will get them in the end is the lack of water – surprisingly, cockroaches need their head to drink.

What diseases can the insects spread?

Roaches carry many diseases, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, and salmonella. Their faecal matter and shed skin can also get inhaled, causing asthma and respiratory infections. Even so much as a bite from them can cause the skin to swell or become infected.