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A wasp nest in your yard isn’t something you’d want as a decoration. That makes the intervention of a qualified wasp removal technician absolutely necessary. Let's look at the facts. In some instances, a single nest can house thousands of wasps which is a risk you should seriously consider eliminating. But these aggressive insects will protect their home at any cost so getting rid of them is not easy but rather dangerous.

And if you want your home, yourself, and your kids safe, hiring wasp controllers to exterminate the nest is a must. Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will eliminate the wasp nest for you and do it efficiently & safely. For that purpose, the exterminator teams are equipped with the tools and the solutions needed to take on such a job

Professional Inspection

s soon as you notify us of your wasp problem, we will arrange for the Fantastic pest controllers to visit your home and confirm the exact location of the nest. If the stingers have settled outside the borders of your property - in your neighbour’s garden, for instance - we can still proceed with applying a different type of wasp treatment in the form of placing several baits. Those will repel the pestilent insects from coming near your property.

Please, have in mind that if the beehive is a very big one, or if it is more than 50cm x 50cm you have to contact the eco bee specialist to remove it.

Wasp Control Treatment

Our effective wasp nest removal treatment involves the use of advanced and fast-acting powdered insecticides, which are not harmful to your family and pets. The chemical affects the wasps’ nervous system and they die shortly. The technicians will subsequently remove the nest if it is in their reach (no higher than 3,5 metres from the ground) and will dispose of it safely.

Secondary Visit

We endeavour to put an end to your wasp issue in a single visit and ensure that the aggressive stingers will be gone for good. However, this is an ideal situation that would depend on the size of the nest, its location and on the time of the year when the treatment takes place. As every case is very specific, you may be offered the additional option of purchasing a guaranteed service which includes one extra visits in a space of three months.

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Keep You Safe

There are a number of actions you can take to prevent wasps from discovering your property and make a home for themselves in your loft or shed. So, take advantage of our prevention advice as part of your wasp nest removal service. From blocking entry points in the building and removing specific attractants to ensuring that the green waste bin and your compost heap with food scraps are well covered - these tips will help protect your home from future wasp trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wasps attracted to?

Wasps can be attracted to strong scents, a convenient food source and a suitable shelter to build their nest during breeding season. On that note, they are an omnivorous species. So, if you regularly hold BBQ parties, you can expect that wasps will learn about it soon enough. Wasps will also look for water when they are thirsty.

I fear that the wasp nest I need removed is rather large. Can you still help?

Wasp or hornet nests that are larger than 50cm x 50cm may need to be approached differently. We’ll be happy, however, to come and assess the situation before confirming whether we can help (charges apply). We always recommend that you do not wait for too long before seeking professional assistance. It is much safer to remove a wasp nest early on during the breeding season while it is still relatively small in size. Wasp nests grow large fast and usually accommodate thousands of insects.

What type of wasps are most likely to settle in my Melbourne home?

The wasps that usually give problems to Victorians are the introduced European wasps, which are known to be rather aggressive when “feeling” territorial. It is important that you do not disturb the nest or try to kill/swat individual wasps that are hovering in and out of their shelter, as they will most definitely attack you. Even people with no previous allergic issues, after being stung by a wasp, can develop an allergy and suffer a severe reaction if attacked and stung again.

I see a number of wasps around but I can’t find their nest. What should I do?

For this exact reason, we come along and perform a meticulous inspection of your property. It is possible that the wasps are “staying” with your neighbours but come to your place for the abundance of delicious fallen fruit in your garden or for the open cans of pop your kids leave around. Another common reason for you to see wasps without a nest is the “lost wasp syndrome”. Young and inexperienced wasps are milling around your garden and can’t quite find their nest at your neighbour’s house, which resembles yours.