Effective Bed Bug Treatment in Melbourne

  • Pet-friendly bed bug treatment service;
  • Complete service - inspection, treatment, prevention;
  • Discreet bed bug extermination service;
  • Immediate knock-down effect;
  • Professional modern equipment;
  • Industry-approved Insecticides.

Ensure Your Good Night's Sleep With Bed Bug Treatment in Melbourne

Worried you might be a victim of a bed bug infestation? Get Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne to eradicate the bed bugs from your home and sleep sound once again! Although bed bugs don’t usually transmit diseases to humans, their bites are itchy, painful, cause discomfort, and could easily be avoided. The only thing you have to do is reach out to the bed bug controllers in Melbourne and we’ll send a certified expert, ready to oust the infestation for you.

Bed bugs [Cimicidae] are really small, crawling insects with an oval shape and brown-reddish colour that can grow up to 4-5mm long. They don't have wings but compensate with great climbing skills. The blood-sucking pests don't go through a metamorphosis. The baby bedbugs, also called nymphs, need blood to develop. It takes them around 8 weeks to fully grow. An adult bed bug can live 6-12 months on average.

How can a bed bug infestation occur?

Bed bugs are tricky to locate and reproduce extremely quickly, so timely detection and eradication of the insects are critical. Bed bugs infestation is rarely caused by a lack of hygiene. They usually transfer from place to place through your personal belongings. They can find your way home through old furniture, beddings, backpacks, bags and clothes.

If you recently travelled or stayed at a place where bed bugs were present, you will most probably carry them into your home as well. You can pick them up from the outside world in places such as restaurants, public transport, movie theatres and others.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • - The most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation is seeing the little bugs on your furniture or mattresses and even on your pet’s bedding;
  • - Getting bit during the night - bite marks are another noticeable sign you might be dealing with an infestation. If you notice red spots on your skin and bite marks close to each other (almost in a line) you might be dealing with bed bugs. The bites are usually concentrated in places with high blood flow and easy access, like the inside of your arms, your back, shoulders and thighs;
  • - Tiny eggs or eggshells on your mattress and beddings;
  • - Dark spots on the bed caused by the bugs excrements;
  • - Blood marks on the bedsheets and mattress caused by squeezed or crushed bed bugs;
  • - If you have recently travelled or stayed in hotels, motels or other public accommodations you might have picked up bed bugs with you home.

You’re not sure if you’re dealing with bed bug infestation? Request a pest inspection service today!

Step-by-Step Bed Bug Extermination in Melbourne Done by Professionals

Prepare your property

Before the pest controllers arrive you need to prepare your property for the service:
  • It’s recommended to vacuum clean the affected areas to remove some of the bed bugs.
  • Remove all bedsheets, mattress covers and put them in a plastic bag. After the service is done, we recommend that you wash the bedding at high temperature before using them again.
  • Remove all personal belongings underneath the bed if there are any.
  • Remove all of the clothes from wardrobes near the affected area which is going to be treated. Wash them on high temperature after the service is done, to make sure all bugs are gone.
  • If there is a sofa bed or couch affected, remove all of the cushion covers, if possible, and put them in a plastic bag as well. Wash them after the service and put them back in.
  • Remove all the pets from the premises, even fish.

Bed bug Inspection

Upon arrival, your pest technician will take a look around your property to determine the level of infestation and which areas are affected the most.

Then, he will prepare for the bed bug treatment. Keep in mind that the usual treatment consists of 2 visits according to the Australian Standards and industry Codes of Practice.

Initial Bed Bug Treatment

The bed bug controllers in Melbourne will spray the affected areas with a potent industry-approved insecticide. This includes mattresses, bed frames and underneath the bed, skirting boards, floorboards/carpet, corners, cracks, crevices, wardrobes, around all furniture etc.

The exterminator will also be spraying the frames of drawers, the frame of pictures (paintings) etc. This will eradicate the majority of the adult bed bugs and their nymphs (the young bed bugs).

The recommended period of time for all people and pets to be away from the house is 4h. When coming back to your house, it’s recommended to well ventilate all treated areas.

Secondary Treatment

Bed bugs have a life cycle of 10 to 14 days that's why a follow-up visit is highly recommended. This way we exterminate not only the mature generation but the new one as well. The pest controller will return to your property 2-3 weeks later for another treatment that will eliminate the remaining bed bugs.

The service comes with a 2 months guarantee, including 1 follow-up visit. If the infestation is heavy, the technician may recommend that 2 visits will not be enough. He would confirm on-site how many more visits are needed and what the cost would be.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Depending on the humidity and the temperature, bed bugs can go without food for up to 400 days! That’s why you may have them for months without any signs of an infestation. The bed bugs prefer to hide in cracks and holes under your bed during the day and come out to feed during the night. The tiny bugs have the ability to hide in tiny spaces usually in cracks. There, they’re not affected by pesticides.

Overall, it can be quite hard to determine for yourself whether you are a victim of an infestation or not, which is why we recommend that you call a professional pest exterminator to help you out.

Symptoms of a bed bug bite

Bed bugs are not known to transmit infectious diseases, but they are still considered a health hazard. Different people may have different reactions to their bites. In some cases, there are no reactions to the bites, but in other redness and itchiness may appear. If large swelling and red weals from 2-5cm appear, then you might be getting an allergic reaction. In this case, it’s always advised to look for medical help.

Bed bugs can cause a lot of stress and sleep loss if you’re constantly worried you might get bitten. In this case, it’s better to turn to the bed bug extermination experts and say goodbye to your problems!

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

  • - The most effective way to prevent a bed bug infestation from happening is to clean and disinfect all your belongings as soon as you enter your home. If you’re coming back from a holiday, you need to wash all the things you carried with you, to make sure no bed bugs are coming with you.
  • - Keep the bedrooms clean which includes regularly washing the beddings, linen and curtains.
  • - Vacuum the mattress, carpets and furniture regularly.
  • - Avoid purchasing second-hand furniture that has fabric on it.
  • - When you travel, you can spray aerosol on the exterior of your luggage to keep the tiny blood-suckers away from it.

Frequently asked questions

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Mainly, they are quite the nuisance. The bites can often cause an allergic reaction like asthma attacks and anaphylaxis but they usually don’t transmit infectious diseases. Housepets such as cats, dogs, bunnies, and hamsters are particularly vulnerable to their attacks.

What can be done before the service to minimize the spreading of the bed bugs?

The easiest and most effective thing you can do is to vacuum frequently the affected areas, especially under the bed. Use a disposable bag and throw it away when you finish cleaning to avoid further spreading.

Is there anything I must do after the bed bug service?

No one should stay in the property for 4 hours after we treat the affected areas, including pets. Please do not clean the treated areas for at least 4 days. Don't wash , don't mop, don't sweep, don't vacuum. Let the insecticide do its magic. We only recommend the room to be well ventilated when you come back to your house.

Do you offer a service warranty?

You have a 60 days warranty period in which you can arrange 1 follow up visit (if required) free of charge. We don't give a warranty if you don't want to spray the whole house, because these creatures might be hiding in many places.