Bed Bug Control Melbourne
  • Immediate Knock-down Effect
  • Professional Modern Equipment
  • Agency-approved Insecticides

Quick & Reliable Bed Bug Control Solution in Melbourne

Bed bugs are sneaky and they can end up in your home in all sorts of ways. The important thing is to act quickly as soon as you notice the signs of infestation. All you need to do is to contact Fantastic Pest Control in Melbourne and we will send an experienced, fully equipped professional who will handle your bed bug removal in Melbourne.

Upon arrival, your technician will take a look around your property to determine just how infested it is and what areas are affected the most. Then, he will make preparation for the treatment.

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The pest controller will spray the affected areas with a special insecticide that haswith an immediate knock-down effect. This will eradicate the majority of the adult bed bugs, as well as their larvae and eggs.

However, after the initial treatment, some of the bed bugs (5-10%) are likely to develop a resistance against the insecticide. That is why a secondary treatment should take place. The pest controller will return to your property a couple of weeks later for another treatment that will eliminate the remaining bed bugs.

Before the pest controller arrives to carry out your service, there are a few things that you can do to make it even more effective.

  1. Vacuum clean the affected areas to remove some of the bed bugs.
  2. Collect all bed sheets, blankets, clothes, and bags from the affected rooms and isolate them somewhere before you can wash them with hot water.
  3. Make sure that the access to the affected areas won't be obstructed in order for the pest control technician to get to them.

Also, when the specialist is done with the treatment, he will be able to share with you some useful tips on how to avoid future insect infestations.

If you encounter any other pests, don't hesitate to give us a call! We can deal with ants, termites, rats, mosquitoes, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Is there anything I must do after the service?

Please do not clean the treated areas for at least 4 days. Don't wash them, don't mop them, don't sweep them, don't vacuum clean them. Let the insecticide do its trick.

Is it safe to stay in the treated rooms?

Yes. In fact, we urge you to sleep in one of them to draw out the bed bugs in hiding. They will perish when they pass through the treated areas.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

They are quite the nuisance. Severe biting can cause a very unpleasant rash. House pets such as cats, dogs, bunnies, and hamsters are particularly vulnerable to their attacks

How long until the treatment takes effect?

It has an immediate knock-down effect on the adult bugs. Some of them might survive by developing a resistance or going into hiding. However, the secondary treatment will surely put an end to those that survived the initial pest control session.