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We Protect Your Style with Excellent Moth Pest Control in Sydney

Yes, moths are completely harmless to humans. But that does not mean that they are not infuriating to deal with. Attracted to a fibrous protein called keratin, they will want nothing more than to wreak havoc in your wardrobe or make irregular, cigarette-shaped holes inside your carpets, blankets, or curtains. So, if you spot suspiciously-looking butterflies circling about in your property or there are small, inexplicable holes in your new shirt, simply get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control in Sydney and let the pest technicians hunt down the intruders for you.

What does our moth eradication service include

Thorough Inspection

In order to eliminate the moths, we must first identify the type of moth and locate its nesting grounds. This is why the pest controller will begin with a diligent inspection of your property. Once the moth species is identified and the level of the infestation is thoroughly assessed, the exterminator will choose the most appropriate method to dispose of your textile-eating guests.

Professional Treatment

Your exterminator will perform the moth treatment by spraying all areas that show any signs of infestation with a potent insecticide. These usually include, but are not limited to, floors, curtains, cupboards, wardrobes, and skirting boards. The spray has a powerful knock-down effect, so all pests should be promptly dealt within a single visit. If that is not the case, gas canisters can be used to combat more serious infestations and safely dispose of all eggs, larvae, and adult moths in your home.

Post-service Proofing

The treatment will keep your home safe from moths for quite a bit of time. Still, you can always schedule a follow-up inspection to ensure that the moths have been completely eradicated. Warranty period - 3 months.

Professional Advice

You will receive expert prevention tips to help you preserve your carpets, blankets, or clothing in mint condition. The specialist will also hand you a copy of a detailed report about the treatment. Have a look at our other services, such as: cockroach control, ant control, termite control, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are moths doing in my home?

Moths are after keratin – a protein contained in animal-based materials, such as wool, silk, cashmere, fur, or even in flour, grain, or human hair. As such, female moths will try to lay their larvae as closely to their food source as possible to ensure the offspring's healthy development.

Where are moths usually hiding?

Although they are good flyers, moths often prefer the safety of dark and confined areas, such as basements, attics, and closets. It’s particularly tricky to spot the insects inside a wardrobe due to their tendency to hide in the corners of the furniture or in between the folds of fabrics.

How can I identify a moth infestation?

Look for small, irregular holes in your clothing or furnishings. You can also check the corners of your room or furniture for silky cocoons. Adult moths that crawl on the ground instead of using their wings is another classic sign of a heavy moth infestation. If you notice some or all of these symptoms, call moth control in Sydney to prevent irreversible damage to your belongings.

What should I do before and during the service

If the infestation is contained within your wardrobe, we recommend that you seal all clothes in plastic bags before the service. Then, give them a high-temperature wash once the treatment is over. If the troublemakers are located in your kitchen, the pest technician will advise you to throw any open food packages (rice, flour, etc.) away as moths will usually take refuge within.