Avoid Costly Property Repairs with Expert Rat Control in Perth

  • One-off and multi-visitation services
  • Expert inspection and treatment
  • Certified and insured rat control pros
  • Discreet solutions, available upon request

Protect Your Family from Disease-ridden Rats and Book Professional Rat Extermination Today

Don’t wait too long before you book professional rat control for your home in Perth! Rodents are notorious for destroying property fixtures, for chewing through pipes and cables and for contaminating surfaces in residential and commercial properties. They can also transmit dangerous diseases through carrying pathogens, as well as parasites, such as fleas.

Fantastic Pest Control can help you avoid these problems by scheduling a prompt inspection and a timely rat extermination treatment for you. We work with qualified and experienced rat removal specialists who employ the latest industry-grade methods and products. They will deal with your rat infestation effectively by applying our proven 4-step pest management process.

The Four Steps for Rat Control

Property Survey

The expert will inspect your property, first, to check for signs of rat activity. Droppings, urine stains, marks, structural damages and spoiled food packages are usually a good indicator of how far the infestation has spread. The technician will also try to identify any points of entry, in order to apply his treatment plan more effectively.

Rat Control

The fast-breeding rodents will be deterred from causing you any more trouble by the use of traps and baits, which will soon attract the vermin without fail. The exterminator may also seal any visible cracks and gaps, up to 3 cm in diameter, that the rats use to gain access to the building. If the pro locates a nest with offspring, he will deal with it there and then. Note that the full effect of the treatment may take about 3 weeks.

Follow-up Visits

The service includes 1 major visit and 2 months warranty period in which you can arrange one follow up visit free of charge. During this time, we recommend that you stay vigilant and call us at the first sign of further rodent activity.

Prevention Advice

The pest technician will provide you with various pest prevention tips on what you can do to proof your property against the nuisance rodents. From keeping food stored properly, denying the rats access to your rubbish bin and cleaning promptly spillages to doing all due repairs in a timely manner, as well as blocking all other possible entry points - the pro will share his specialist advice with you at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe for pets?

The products we use are safety-tested and approved for use in residential and commercial properties. Your pets won’t be put at any risk.

Can you help me with removing the rat carcasses?

If you book our guaranteed service, which comes with additional free inspections, upon request, then, the technician will be able to remove any dead specimens that he comes across during his follow-up visit.

Can you get rid of the rats without the use of poison?

Yes. We can set up mechanical traps in strategic places around your property. However, severe rat infestation may prove harder to eliminate without deploying more advanced and effective pesticidal methods and products.

How come I’ve got a rat infestation despite keeping my home clean?

Even the cleanest of homes or business establishments are not immune against a rat invasion. The rodents are often attracted to a convenient shelter, where they can reproduce in peace. They will also look for an easy source of food, which means that food storage spaces and units may need to be properly secured on top of being kept clean.