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Let Someone Else Safely Remove the Bees that Are Bugging You

Believe it or not, the creators of the godly honey food can be quite hostile to humans when provoked. Such conflict of interest can easily occur when a swarm of European bees decides to nest within the wall cavities, vents, yards, and even chimneys of Australian homes.

Their stings are also quite painful and may even lead to serious health complications if you happen to be allergic. That is why it’s best to hire a professional bee removal service – just get in touch, point at the nest, and let the experienced pest exterminator handle the rest.

Our Bee Removal in Sydney Explained in Steps

Thorough Inspection

If you don't know where the nest is located you have to arrange an inspection first. The expert will take a look around your property in order to locate the nest and assess its current population. He will then use the most appropriate pest control method for the situation.

Professional Treatment

The nest will be treated with a powerful powder that will immobilise the bees and eliminate them shortly after. Once the insects are dealt with, the pest technician will promptly remove the nest, while the powder’s strong residual effect will prevent any new infestations from occurring.

Post-service Viewing

Upon request, the specialist can re-visit your property to determine if your home is bee-free. You have a 3 months warranty period

Prevention Advice

Once the pest technician confirms that all bees are gone, he will give you several prevention tips that you can use to protect your home against a future bee invasion. If there are more pests plaguing you, make use of our other service: cockroach control, bed bug extermination, termite inspection and control, and more.

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Find Out More About These Pollinators

Why have bees occupied my property?

The exact reason why they do this is not yet determined. South-facing walls and other specific factors may have something to do with it, but their choice seems to be random at best.

Are bees aggressive in nature?

No, but they can be easily provoked if you happen to walk by their nest. That is why it’s best to leave the nest undisturbed and seek the help of an exterminator as soon as you can.

How fast can bees breed?

A bee queen can lay as many as 1,500 eggs on a daily basis. Give it a week or two and you will have an army of angry bees living right next door!

Honeybees, bumblebees, wasps… which one is which?

Honeybees have a darker abdomen and are usually smaller in size than a wasp or a bumblebee. They also tend to hover around their nesting site. Wasps are coloured in bright yellow and follow strict flight paths. Lastly, bumblebees have tiny hairs that give them a distinct “fluffy” appearance and their nesting sites are much larger than those of wasps or bees.