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Rats are one of those types of pests that you never expect to arrive in your home. These crafty little thieves can squeeze through extremely small gaps or even chew their way through cables, PVC pipes, and wall insulations. And they will gladly do all of this just to get to the food, shelter, and safety that your home or office can provide. But there’s another reason why you should call a pest controller in Sydney as soon as you see their bald tails squirming from around the corner.

Rats carry some serious diseases, including the Bubonic plague, Salmonella, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and more. Add to that the fact that they can breed extremely quickly (a single female can give birth to 80 rats each year) and you have a real recipe for disaster. The good news is that you can easily avoid all of this by booking rat pest control in Sydney. Below, we have broken down our treatment process into four simple steps.

Easy and Convenient Rat Control Service in Sydney

Thorough Inspection

The treatment will begin with a detailed survey of your property in order to locate all entry points and to identify the species of rats. The specialist will then seal or block all openings with a combination of expanding foam, wire wool, and reliable sealants.

Professional Treatment

The exterminator will deploy special baits that are harmless to your pets, but deadly to any rodents that dare to feast on them. With the baits deployed, you can expect your property to be rat-free within the next 3 weeks. If you do not wish to wait for that long, you can ask the professional to set up mechanical traps instead. Keep in mind, however, that their cost will be added on top as the technician will have to come back to reset them. All traps will be collected in a few months after the treatment.

Post-service Viewing

You can book a post-service viewing to make sure that the rodents are no longer present in your domestic or business premises. Alternatively, simply schedule our complete rat control service in Sydney – that way the service includes 1 major visit and 60 days warranty period in which you can arrange 1 follow-up visit if required.

Prevention Advice

Before departing, the pest control specialist will share a wealth of tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine and successfully prevent any future infestations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do rats tend to munch on?

Rats are not picky eaters and can survive on a wide variety of products, including cereals, grains, seeds, nuts, meat, eggs, sweets, and even pet food. Unlike cockroaches, however, they do avoid some types of food, such as raw beets and celery or peaches.

How can I identify an infestation?

The good news is that these otherwise sneaky rodents are not very good at covering up their tracks. The bad news is that there are many signs to be found in the form of chewed items, olive-shaped droppings, greasy smears near walls and skirting boards, and the notorious scratching noises that rats produce by climbing onto the interior side of walls.

Why is the treatment taking so long?

Rodents are “neophobic”, meaning that they have a hard time adapting to any new objects or changes in their familiar environment. Thus, it will take them some time to become used to and ingest the contents of the baits, which is why most treatments will usually take up to 2-3 weeks.

Can you remove rat carcasses?

Yes, however, this option is only available for our guaranteed service. The professional can collect and dispose of the rodents in all reachable areas, regardless if he used baits or mechanical traps to eliminate them. Removal of floorboards is not included in the service.