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Why resort to professional spider control

Australia - the land of over 10 000 spider species, many of them venomous, which unfortunately don’t restrict their habitat to the wild bush, but venture out and reach our urban environment. They instil fear in most of us, although fatal bites are somewhat a rarity. Still, it’s definitely disconcerting for anyone to spot a representative of these creepy eight-legged critters, poisonous or not, in their home, right? On that note, if you see a spider inside or near your property, don’t risk catching it yourself, as an accidental bite can easily send you in hospital. Instead, call a professional pest management company to deal with the intruder and dispose of it safely for you.

Fantastic Pest Control in Brisbane specialises in various pest control services, including spider control. We work with experts, who have local knowledge and experience in handling numerous spider species that can be found in the area. No matter if you’ve noticed just a few of the problem has escalated to the level of infestation, get in touch with us right away!

Signs of spider presence in your home you can’t miss

Spiders are big enough for you to spot along with their webs, so you shouldn’t have trouble with assessing how bad the situation is and whether you’ve got an infestation on your hands. Of course, many of them will rush to the nearest crevice or gap in the wall if disturbed or if they sense your presence. Still, you can consider the following when looking for signs:

  • Check hidden, dark and moist places around your home like the attic, the basement and the garage, as many spider species prefer these types of conditions;
  • Investigate outdoor spaces, as well, such as under exterior structures, tree burrows, etc.;
  • Look for spider webs (funnel- or orb-shaped webs) in corners near ceilings, under-stair spaces and so on.

Alternatively, stay on the safe side and let an experienced spider exterminator investigate the problem!

Steps to removing spiders from your home

Spider control treatment

We use effective insecticides against spiders, which are applied directly over their webs, possible entry points and hiding places, even if a live specimen is nowhere to be seen at the time of treatment. The products we use are industry-approved and safe for application in both domestic and commercial environments. However, you will be asked to leave the property for some time, together with any pets you might have.

Post-service specifics

You can count on a 3-month period, free of spider activity, providing that you do not vacuum any treated areas for a few days. Also, our warranty is valid if you’ve made sure that all possible hiding spaces, indoors and outdoors, have been decluttered prior to the service so that the treatment product can reach harbourage spots and the insects themselves. Note that the pest controller will give you a detailed service report that will contain other important information, as well.

Prevention and proofing

Although it’s not in your control to stop spiders getting into your home, there are still some preventative measures that you can take. Repair leaks, for instance, and dehumidify damp spaces, as some spider species prefer these sorts of environments. Clear up any clutter, fill gaps to block possible entry points or breeding spots. Plant some spider-repellent herbs like peppermint around your property, too.

How dangerous are spider bites?

As we’ve mentioned above, cases of people bitten by spiders in Australia are quite rare. (There are more fatal or near-fatal incidents that involve bees and sharks rather than spiders.) Still, it’s useful to know what to do if you get attacked by some poisonous web-weavers or nomadic eight-legged crawlies, just in case.

Funnel-web spiders - There are around 40 funnel-web spider species with the Sydney funnel-web being one of the most toxic ones. Its relative - the Darling Downs funnel-web spider can be found in the Brisbane area and its bite can cause serious symptoms of poisoning on rare occasions. This type of funnel-web spider is most toxic at the onset of summer. If bitten, seek medical attention straight away. The antivenom for the Sydney funnel-web spider is used to counteract the effect of the poison.

Mouse spider - Again, the antivenom for funnel-web spiders is being used if you get bitten by a Mouse spider. This species, however, is rarely aggressive, which reflects in the fewer recorded cases of incidents where a Mouse spider is involved. One should use an immobilisation bandage well above the bite site to stop the venom entering the entire blood circulation system of the victim.

Redback spider - Another highly poisonous spider is the relatively small Redback spider. If bitten, place an ice pack over the bite site to reduce the pain and seek medical attention right away.

Other spider species to be aware of are the Black house spider, the Golden orb-weaver spider and the White-tailed spider. In case of being bitten by any of these, seek medical attention if symptoms persist or become more and more severe. Watch for issues like dizziness, vomiting, unbearable headache, muscle pain and other visible allergic reactions. Many people, however, report only mild symptoms, such as temporary swelling of the bite site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything before the service?

You need to be ready to vacate the property during the treatment and take any pets with you. Also, clear carefully the suspected site of spider activity of any clutter to ensure the efficacy of the product application.

Would the spider control treatment be effective if applied outdoors?

Yes, we treat outdoor buildings and exterior structures successfully if you’ve sighted any spiders outside your home, in the garden, in your shed and so on.

Why spiders are attracted to my home?

Well, the reasons can be more than one. A mating partner, favourable breeding conditions and the abundance of food (various other insects) could all entice a spider to settle in or near your property.

What if I spot a spider after the treatment?

This, of course, is possible, due to the specific living habits of this type of insect pest. Spiders are reclusive creatures, which tend to hide very fast if they sense a threat or are disturbed in any way.