Prevent Ants from Stealing All Your Food – Hire an Ant Exterminator in Sydney

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Your Home Should Not Be a Colony

Although ants are beneficial to the environment, their presence in the household often brings more harm than good. Not picky when it comes to food, these insects can become attracted to anything from a small sauce spill to a bag of opened pet food on your kitchen counter. This is when our ant control services in Sydney become necessary.

Ants are also known for carrying a long list of harmful bacteria, which could easily end up in your next meal if you allow them to reach high numbers. If that happens, simply get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control Sydney to efficiently get rid of the annoying thieves once and for all.

Our ant-removal process in Sydney in steps

Thorough Inspection

Upon arriving at your property, the skilled exterminator will take a careful look around to locate all entry points. He will also evaluate the level of your infestation to determine which pest control method will have the most profound effect on the six-legged troublemakers.

Professional Treatment

The whole service is usually done in one take. The specialist will treat all cracks and entry points with a slow-acting powder. The insects will usually see the insecticide as a potential food source, taking it to their nest and effectively wiping out the entire colony in the process. The powder will be active for up to three months after the service, safeguarding your property from further ant infestations. The professional will also spray your property with an insecticide (both inside and out) or use a bait gel to ensure that the nearby nest is thoroughly dealt with.

Post-service Viewing

The pest controller will revisit you after 1-2 weeks if the ants are still there. Also, you have 3 months warranty period.

Prevention Advice

Once the pests have fled your property, the professional will share some handy tips and tricks on how to keep them from reappearing in the future. If you need something else done, we are at your service. We provide mice control, rat control, cockroach eradication, termite extermination, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ants visiting my home?

Ants will eat just about anything. However, they are always willing to walk the extra mile if they find any sugary foods in your kitchen. Before barging in, they will usually send a few scouts to “map out” your home and all of its tasty contents. The tiny explorers will then mark their way back with special pheromones to invite the rest of the colony members into your household.

Can ants nest inside the property?

While their high count may suggest that ants have taken refuge in your home, their mounds are always located outside. Their only incentive to enter the building is to forage for supplies.

When are the insects most active?

Ants hibernate during the winter to avoid freezing temperatures. This is why you will most likely spot these disciplined insects anywhere between early spring and late summer, when food supplies are abundant and when they need to seek shelter from downpours or the melting sun.

How can I prepare for the service?

Before ordering our ants pest control in Sydney, make sure to vacuum all areas where you’ve last spotted the ants. If you have any pets (fish included), please make sure to remove them from your home first and leave the premises for at least 2 hours upon service completion.