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Protect Your Health by Booking Mosquito Control in Sydney

Few things are as annoying as a cloud of buzzing mozzies. And the presence of these flying vampires should not be taken lightly at all. Their bites are known to elicit different reactions from the human body – from red, itchy spots to severe skin inflammation.

Some of these insects can even carry life-threatening diseases, such as malaria or yellow fever! That is why we advise you to get in touch with Fantastic Pest Control Sydney as soon as the mosquitoes have become more than just a mild annoyance. Our diligent mosquito control experts have the training and the equipment needed to safely and effectively protect your home.

Mosquito pest control step by step

Thorough Inspection

An experienced pest controller will arrive at your property to evaluate the mosquito infestation and locate the mozzies’ breeding site (usually located near a stale water source).

Professional Treatment

The exterminator will use powerful insecticides to spray all infested vegetation in the area and efficiently dispose of the current mosquito population. Once the area is thoroughly sprayed, the professional will add insect growth regulators with a long-term effect in the water to prevent the pests from repopulating.

Prevention Advice

A single service is usually enough to take care of the blood-leeching pests. Our mosquito control in Sydney includes free prevention tips against future infestations. The exterminators can also perform: spider control, bed bug extermination, bee removal, and more.

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Frequently asked questions about mosquitoes

Why do mozzies bite?

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes feed primarily on fruit and plant nectar. However, the females need a specific type of protein to reproduce, which just so happens to be contained in our blood. Once the female is fed, she will rest for a few days before laying her offspring.

When are the insects most active?

These small, buzzing devils are cold-blooded in nature, meaning that they are in their prime during the summer season. They tend to come out only late at night or in cloudy weather due to the fact that direct sunlight may desiccate their bodies and eventually kill the

Where do they prefer to hide?

Mosquitoes' favourite places of residence include ponds, stale water sources, drainage ditches, garbage bins, and other hot and humid environments.

How can I tell if my property has a mosquito infestation?

If you often find your property surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes, that may indicate that there is a breeding ground nearby. Such a drastic spike in the mosquito population will typically happen during warm weather, following heavy rain or a flood.