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bee teamwork

Bee Facts – What Makes Honeybees So Special

Bees are fascinating creatures. But this goes much further beyond their obvious behaviour and what most people know about them. We decided to put together a collection of facts that boggled our minds.

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The pests that you need to look out for when you are picnicking.

Garden Insects That Bite: All You Need to Know

Pests are all around us. Although they can be extremely beneficial to our surroundings, most of the times they are extremely annoying or dangerous. Here are the outdoor pests that you need to look out for when going picnicking with friends and family!

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Dealing with a mosquito infestation

How to Deal with a Mosquito Infestation in Australia

The mosquito season is just around the corner. Those flying little insects can be a real pain in the neck. Not only annoying, but mosquitos are also known disease carriers. They can be a threat to your family, so just sticking up with the problem is not a good decision. Every homeowner needs to get…

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