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rat eating a tiny watermelon

What Do Rodents Eat? Food That Attracts Them to Your Home

Food plays the biggest part in a rodent’s decision whether to invade your house or not. Of course just like us, they have their tastes and preferences. We put this guide together based on their diet and extraordinary sense of smell.

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moth eating a sweater

How to Get Rid of Moths

The do’s and don’ts of getting rid of moths in your home – step by step. As they can be really annoying, you don’t have time to think big strategies on killing them. This is our job, and here are the steps your should take to get rid of the moths in your home!

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Pantry infestation and how to get rid of it.

Pantry Bugs: How to Deal with Pest Infestation in Your Kitchen

Having bugs in your kitchen is not an uncommon thing. Frequently, you can find bugs and larvae in all stages living in your pantry. Pantry bugs can be found in places where different foods like flour and cereals are being stored—something we all use and most likely keep in our kitchen. Identification of pantry infestation…

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