Pantry Bugs: How to Deal with Pest Infestation in Your Kitchen

Pantry infestation and how to get rid of it.
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Having bugs in your kitchen is not an uncommon thing. Frequently, you can find bugs and larvae in all stages living in your pantry. Pantry bugs can be found in places where different foods like flour and cereals are being stored—something we all use and most likely keep in our kitchen.

Identification of pantry infestation

Noticing bugs living in your kitchen means that currently there is a pantry infestation in your home. Some bugs can be quite dangerous to our health, while others aren’t as big of a threat. Still, you wouldn’t want to put them in harm’s way. That’s why we are going to take a look at the pests that may be in your pantry.

Bugs Living in the Kitchen

Bugs love being in places where food is plentiful and more importantly – at a close distance. In your kitchen, you might find cockroaches, fruit flies, and of course all the pantry pests like ants, beetles, and Indian meal moths.

All of these pests can be found in the kitchen and can be taken care of. Insects like ants and cockroaches can carry diseases while walking around and infecting your food.

What action should you take if you discover a pantry infestation?

If you ever be hapless enough to encounter this problem, then here are the actions you have to take.

Steps you should take if you have pantry infestation
  • Inspect the pantries in your home and try to find the source. Many time it’s impossible or tough to find it. It can be hidden behind a wall, or somewhere between the kitchen furniture. That’s when you’ll need to get the help of professionals.
  • Check all the boxes and cans of food. Pests are there for the food. You should always check if you have some rotten or expired food in your pantries. Also, make sure that there are no decaying fruits and vegetables.
  • Take into consideration that there might be spilt food somewhere around that you can’t see. Throw away all the rotted food, bad-smelling boxes and give your pantries a good cleaning. After that, it’s just observance of what is going to happen.

How to get rid of rice bugs

How to get rid of rice bugs.
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Rice bugs are mainly living inside your rice. If you have an infestation problem simply remove the rice from the box and place it in an airtight bag. Put in the freezer for a week to kill the larvae and bugs or completely throw away. Quinoa and buckwheat are also places where rice bugs love to hide. They are pretty harmless to people. The way they get inside our homes is when the rice is still a crop, so it’s common and natural for them to be in the rice we buy.

Cockroach Infestation

How to get rid of cockroach infestation in your kitchen!

There is nothing like a cockroach infestation. It’s one of the worst things that can live in your home, and it can be impossible to get rid of them. If you have a cockroach infestation in your home, then it’s pretty certain that you’ll need the help of a professional to get rid of the little buggers. Make sure you act immediately when you see that there are signs of infestation in your home.

Read more about dealing with cockroaches here.

How to get rid of common pantry pests

How to get rid of pantry infestation.
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Taking care of pantry pests is a delicate situation. You can’t use poison because you store your food there, and you can’t also spray the whole thing. Whatever the case, almost certainly you’ll have to remove whatever you are storing in the cabinets.

Ants can be a big problem to deal with. Make sure that you give your best to find either the entry point or the nest. You are more likely to find the entry point. To keep them from coming back, you can either seal the crack or spray with a chemical that will make them go away. If you want to go chemical-free and use natural product spices like cinnamon does a great job of deterring ants. That way is also applicable to most pantry pests; however, you might also want to keep an eye on old spices. They are the perfect breeding ground for pantry beetles.

That way is also applicable to most pantry pests; however, you might also want to keep an eye on old spices. They are the perfect breeding ground for pantry beetles.

Pest infestation in your kitchen? Call a professional exterminator!

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