Proven Ways to Get Rid of Mice and Keep the Rodents Away

How to keep mice away from your property

Getting rid of mice is easier said than done. The little buggers won’t just roll when you’re trying to remove them from your home and sadly, the extermination process is not as simple as sprinkling some sweet, sweet poison around.

In this article, Fantastic Pest Control will help you understand how to get rid of mice in your home through proven methods. Some of them include:

…And more!

How to identify a mouse infestation

Before you can solve any problem, you need to identify it first. The difference between mice and rats may not sound like a lot. However, their behaviour patterns suggest different ways of approaching the situation.

Here’s how you can identify the type, source and severity of your infestation:

Rodent droppings – You can use the droppings to determine the type of infestation. Rats have larger droppings than mice. Rat feces are also rounder in comparison to the pointier mouse droppings. The quantity will point out the severity of the infestation. Finding large quantities of rodent feces is an indication you have a big problem.

Urine smell – the inescapable, pungent smell of urine is a dead giveaway there are rodents around. You can’t mistake it for anything else.

Holes – rodents are especially good at making holes to move through. Since rats are much larger than mice, they also make larger holes. Mice holes are smaller and more clear cut.

Gnaw marks – many rodents’ teeth keep growing throughout their lives. This causes the little critters to always look for something to gnaw on. Unfortunately, this often includes your furniture or domestic interior.

Rodent nests – if you find something that looks like a nest, it probably is. Mice pile materials and that’s how they form their little homes. You can usually find their nests inside interior walls or under wooden floors. Rats (especially roof rats) prefer to stay high and are more prone to using their surroundings rather than “building” a nest.

Noises – most rodents are active during the night. If you’re hearing weird sounds in the small hours, don’t be alarmed – your house is not haunted. You probably have a rodent infestation (that makes things a lot better, at least we can help you get rid of them).

Proven methods to get rid of mice

There are many suggested methods of dealing with mice. Not all of them are tried and tested, such as using an air freshener. Some solutions are just bizarre and might be more useful against an actual haunting than your rodent problem.


When we talk about rodent control, traps are the first pest control method that comes to mind. There’s a reason for that – it’s tried, tested, and it works. However, there are a few things you need to know in order to get it done right.

Glue traps – glue traps used to be a lot more popular. They are effective, but in all honesty – they are akin to animal cruelty which is why many people abstain from using them. Essentially, the moment a rodent goes through the trap, it gets stuck and dies of thirst. It’s a very slow and painful process.

Snap traps – a quick snap and it’s over. These are a lot more effective, but you should also be extra careful when setting them. Snap traps are powerful enough to break your fingers!

Furthermore, because rats are neophobic (which is a fancy way of saying they’re scared of new things), they will be harder to deal with using this method. However, there’s a certain technique you can use called pre-baiting which will introduce the rats to the traps and fool them that’s a treat-dispensing station. The way to do this is pretty simple. Identify approximately where the heart of the infestation lies and place the traps there. Don’t set them – just put them there with some bait.

The best food for a mouse trap is peanut butter – it’s both sweet and contains nuts. Rodents go crazy for it. Other good mouse trap baits include dried fruit, oatmeal, and unsurprisingly – chocolate.

The best food for a mouse trap is peanut butter – it’s both sweet and contains nuts. Rodents go crazy for it. Other good mouse trap baits include dried fruit, oatmeal, and unsurprisingly – chocolate.

Leave the traps there and check on them periodically. If you notice the bait has gone missing in a couple of weeks, you’re probably on the right track. Put some more peanut butter on the trap but do not set it. Once the rodents eat the bait the second time around, now you can set it.

Why go through all this trouble? Because this way the rats will build up their trust for the traps and will gladly go for the free treat. Since they’ve managed to snag it twice, they would have no reason to suspect something is amiss the third time around. A few quick snaps and the population will be dealt with. Rinse and repeat until you capture no more rats.

Poison Baits

Poison baits are one of the most efficient ways of dealing with a rodent infestation. Most poisons are powerful enough that once ingested, they definitely finish the job. However, they are best handled by a professional pest control expert.

Decluttering outdoors and storage space

Rodents love clutter because it gives them an excellent hiding space. This allows them to procreate in peace and hoard food and resources for their nests. You’re doing them a favour by leaving unkempt shrubs or having wood stored near the house. They also love it when the rubbish bins are close by so they have a free source of food. Garden waste should be removed as soon as possible. All of this will help you avoid other infestations, not just rodents.

Get pets to keep mice away

Terriers are terrifying for mice and rats. These dogs were literally bred for hunting rodents (among other things), so they have keen instincts. It’s not a guarantee having a terrier will keep mice away, but it will definitely help. They are also much more effective than cats.

That doesn’t mean cats are useless, though. As a natural predator to rodents, the mere smell of a feline is enough to scare them away from your home. That being said, there is strength in numbers, so don’t expect your pets to solve a huge infestation problem.

How to keep mice away

The best thing you can do is keep rodents at bay. It’s much easier to avoid an infestation than dealing with one. Here’s how you can improve your chances.

Keep good sanitation in and around your property

Keep your place neat and clean. Take care of spills and breadcrumbs immediately. This won’t help with an existing infestation, but it will play in your favour if you want to avoid the infestation in the first place.

Seal any entry points

Seal any potential entry points and place mechanical barriers in the path of the little invaders. This will prevent them from coming inside and making your house their new home.

Store food properly

Properly storing food is a must if you don’t want to have pests. The only thing pests are doing in your home is looking for food. Deprive them of that and they will have no other reason to be there.


How Fantastic Pest Control can help you?

Of course, the easiest and most reliable way of getting rid of a rodent infestation is to hire a professional. Fantastic Pest Control is at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Still not sure how to deal with mice?


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Catch It Wildlife

We’ve tried the poison bait but it didn’t work out on our mice. Maybe not a good poison product…

Sarah Smith

Your information that I need to seal any entry points into my home and use poison baits or mousetraps to keep any rats or mice out of my home is very helpful. However that sounds like a lot of work, and I don’t want to deal with dead mice or rats that are stuck in the walls. I’ll start looking into a pest control service that can get rid of them for me.

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