How to Become a Pest Controller in Victoria

Pest Control Operator

Pest Control is becoming an increasingly popular career path in recent years and with good reason. Why is that? Lately, Australia has seen a significant rise in insect, arthropods, and rodent infestations. With that comes a significant risk to people, animals, and property. A risk that should be managed in a timely manner, or else the seemingly unimportant issue becomes a real threat.

So to counter the dangers which have spurred from pest infestations, the demand for qualified pest control technicians has also increased in the years prior.

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The job description of a pest control technician: should you become an operator?

The main job of a pest control technician is to diagnose vermin-related issues and to apply the proper measures to eliminate them and prevent infestations.

Becoming a pest controller, however, comes with a degree of risk. Can’t have it any other way when dealing with insects, arachnids or reptiles, some of which poisonous, on a daily basis. So before making a commitment to pursuing this exact career path, first think of the potential risk the job hides. More importantly, think of whether you’re willing to accept them.

Once you’ve made up your mind to become a pest controller, you will have to:

Step One: Complete a training

One of the requirements in order to become a pest control technician is to have a formal training. You will also get a certificate for the work you will be doing. The training can range significantly. It can be anywhere from a week to 12 months. Again, depending on the type of pest management course you are taking. Also, a big role plays the training centre you choose to attend, and how well you are doing.

The goal of the training is for you to get the necessary skill and knowledge. That way you will be able to handle the work as a pest control technician. Once the formal training is completed, you will be required to take an examination and demonstrate a competency. The aim here is for your ability to safely carry out specific tasks to be assessed.

Obtaining a qualification is also a necessary condition for your pest control operator license application. Which takes us up to step two.

Step Two: Apply for & be Granted a License

Before you can commence your work as a pest control technicians, you must also apply for and acquire a pest control license. To be eligibility for a license, you need to verify you have attended training and have attained the necessary qualification. You will also need to give the additional information required, and pay the current fee of $630.10.

Bear in mind that the pest control license is granted with one or more of these authorisations, depending on your qualification:

  • Authorisation One: qualification to apply pesticides (excluding fumigants) formulated for controlling fungi, arthropods, rodents, and birds. This authorisation, however, does not allow the application of the said pesticides for the purpose of controlling pest animals.
  • Authorisation Two: qualification to use pesticides to control pest animals.
  • Authorisation Three: qualification to use pesticides in the form of fumigants.

Then there’s a two-step application process. First, you need to submit an application form and provide the supporting documentation that is required. Once your application is processed, you will receive an invoice. Step two is to pay the amount due within 45 days of receiving the invoice. Once you do that, The Department of Health and Human Services will issue you a photo ID license card and send it to you.

The license granted is valid for a period of three years. Also, you have to renew the license prior to its expiry date, otherwise it will lead to its cancellation. In that case, if you want to continue working as a pest technician, you will go through the application process once more.

If you’re looking to get any further information on how to become a pest control operator, you can find it here and here.

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