Common Bathroom Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

A cockroach climbing on a toothbrush.

People are usually more careful about the pests they may find in their bedroom or their kitchen. Most folks rarely give a second thought about bathroom pests.

Ironically, the bathroom is one of the most pest-infested rooms in the average household. Whether we’re talking about flies, cockroaches, spiders, or silverfish – you can be sure your bathroom is hiding one or more of those pesky little creatures. Just because you may not have noticed them doesn’t mean they are not there. But fret not – we’re here to help.

What bugs are found in bathrooms?

Let’s round up the usual suspects. What are the pests you’re most likely to find in your bathroom?


Cockroaches love food. Most people know that. They’re well-aware their kitchen can be easily overrun with a cockroach infestation. What most people don’t get is that roaches love water, too. That’s why one of the ways to deal with a roach infestation is to fix your leaky faucets and solve the humidity problem (if you have one).

The bathroom, for obvious reasons, is the most humid place in your home. So expect to find roaches there because it offers them the perfect environment for development. It’s warm, humid and close to all the water they will ever need. To the average roach, that sounds like quite the deal.


Unlike roaches, spiders would rarely want to be in your bathroom. If you find one (or several) there, they were probably stranded in a freakish accident. They’re a castaway trying to escape the uncaring clutches of your restroom.

Spiders don’t need the moisture as insects do. Their arachnid ways involve hunting and rarely relying on the environment for sustenance. This should put your mind at ease – spiders are not coming out of your drains.


Humidity and paper are the perfect combinations for silverfish to thrive. Your bathroom usually offers an ample supply of both. Which means you’re almost certain to find silverfish in your bathroom at any given time.


Centipedes share their love of moisture with many of their arthropod brethren. Once they get inside your home, they will usually make their way either to the bathroom or the basement where it’s moist enough for them to live and procreate. You can have a centipede infestation on your hands in the blink of an eye if you don’t spot and stop them in time.

Drain Flies

Yup – those exist. And just a like a B-list horror movie, you can see them coming out of your drain. In fact, as the name suggests, that’s where they live and breed. They’re not at all disgusted by all the filth that can be found in the average drain. On the contrary – they thrive in it. If not there, then contaminated soil – anything that would usually be considered disgusting and a potential health hazard to us is heaven to them.

Can bugs come out of drains?

We already said spiders aren’t coming into your bathroom using your drain. That means you can relax, right? Not so fast – we didn’t say anything about cockroaches. Or drain flies. Or any other bug, really. We just told you spiders weren’t coming out of your drain, and you assumed you were safe. You are not.

Cockroaches often use drains to gain entry into our homes. In fact, some species even use drains to procreate. As if that weren’t terrifying enough, they can spread all sorts of disgusting bacteria and dirt that belong only in the sewer.

So the answer to the above question is a pretty decisive “yes”. Don’t rush off to forever seal your drain (yet). All is not lost. No matter how dire the situation may seem.

How to get rid of bugs in your bathroom

Seeing a bunch of cockroaches coming out of your drain while you’re playing games on your phone may not be ideal. But fret not – Fantastic Pest Control has a few tips that will allow you to minimize the chances of ever experiencing that.

Remove gunk from your drain regularly

Every bathroom has tons of residue. Whether it’s soap, filth, or something else – there’s always tons of the stuff around the drains. And pests love it. They literally gobble it up like lamington.

Your sink is in the same boat, along with your shower. Basically, you need to thoroughly clean your entire bathroom regularly and make sure there isn’t any soap scum left. Do that, and you definitely reduce the chance of something crawling out of your drains. Reduce, not eliminate.

Inspect your bathroom for leaks

Strange as it may sound, leaks are among the top reasons why you might suffer an infestation at home. When there’s a leak, it translates into easy access to water for all manner of unwanted guests. Anything from cockroaches to centipedes, rats and mice, and anything in between.

Check your bathroom and wet areas for leaks and fix them if you find anything. Even if you don’t have any pests now, this is an infestation waiting to happen so fix it as soon as you can.

Place a dehumidifier in your bathroom

Throughout this entire post, we’ve run our mouths about how bad humidity is. Naturally, a strategically placed dehumidifier is one of the best solutions to the problem. These reduce the overall humidity in your bathroom, make it a lot less hospitable for pests.

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