Creepy Australian Mythical Creatures

A hoop snake.

If you thought finding an infestation in your home is hard, then you have never tried searching for a mythical creature. No, we are not talking about unicorns galloping on the rainbow. We are talking about something much, much scarier. Animals that people have been afraid from for years, yet no one has ever proven for them to exist.

The Bunyip


One of the scariest aboriginal creatures that even to this day can’t be correctly described. There are hundreds of sightings, yet every single one presents the creature with different features. One thing is sure that the bunyip is a sea-land creature that roams all of Australia.

Written sightings begin from 1845, but the legends of this curious animal have been going for much longer than that. Since the start of the colonisation of the continent, there have been numerous reports of people witnessing this peculiar creature.

Some scientists say that bunyips are numerous different types of prehistoric animals that, even not walking among us today have stayed in the tales of aboriginal people and are passed from generation to generation.

The Yowie

Yowie statue in Queensland.

It seems like the world is full of stories about ape-like creatures that walk on two legs. The lesser-known cousin of the Bigfoot – The Yowie is Australia’s unknown straight walking ape.

However, Yowie sighting is somewhat inconsistent with varying footsteps. Some witnesses describe the Yowie as a shy and timid creature, while others describe it as quite violent.

One thing is sure – all witness describe Yowies as tall creatures. Somewhere between 2 and 3 metres in height.

The long legs and the flat big nose is another prominent feature of the Yowie. The most recent sighting of an alleged Yowie happened in 2009. A man spotted an animal in his garage that might have been a Yowie.

The Drop Bear

Every once in awhile, there is a mention of a drop bear attack. They are described as extremely violent and aren’t afraid to attack prey bigger than them.

However, how they attack is the scariest. They are known to climb trees and to jump from above on the head of the victim, knocking them out! The next thing that happens is they eat them.

People describe them as carnivorous koalas, that sport sharp set of claws and teeth. Said to prefer the night when hunting, if they are real then they might be a threat to campers and tourists who like to roam the woods.

People say the only way to protect yourself is by holding a screwdriver above your head. That way the drop bear might impale itself when attacking.

Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

All of the monsters and mysterious creatures are scary, but what happens when that creature is all too real?

The box jellyfish is one of the deadliest jellyfish that roams the earth. What’s more interesting about it is that the jellyfish can be found in shallow waters where people go for a swim.

The length of the tentacles of the jellyfish can be as long as 60 metres, and they are extremely venomous!

In fact, there is no antivenom. So, if stung people either live trough or die. No other way to get away, and it’s painful.

We’ll hope that you never get to meet the box jellyfish closeup.

The Hoop Snake

A hoop snake.

Unlike the deadly Box Jellyfish, the Hoop snake is folklore animal, that might exist. The easiest way to describe the Hoop snake is a normal snake that has the ability to bite its tail and trough methodic muscle contractions to move faster as a wheel, rather than normal.

In folklore, the Hoop snake isn’t dangerous to adults, but it is dangerous to kids. Especially those who don’t like to go to school. Some sightings around the world report the folklore creature, but most of them are probably normal snakes that got into this freak position.

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