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Woodworm Treatment at Home

How to deal with woodworms at home

If you love decorating your home with beautiful woodwork, then you might have experienced the unpleasant moment of realising you have woodworm infestation in your home. Australia is notorious for woodworm infestations, and the worst thing is the cost of fixing this problem. Woodworms often cause extensive damage to any wooden furniture, wooden art, even…

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Australian Cockroach Facts – Both Fascinating and Creepy

The 14 Rare Facts You Didn't Knew

As much as we hate them, however, cockroaches are some of the most fascinating insects that we’ve ever found on earth. Did you know they are one of the fastest and strongest animals? And we bet you knew they’re among the most resilient creatures on the planet. Those are some basic facts that we should…

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10 Weird Australian Insects in You Won’t Believe Exist


There are weird bugs all over the world, but as usual, it seems Australia has drawn the short straw because we have some of the strangest creatures walking around. We have some of the most gargantuan, ginormous, colossal bugs, and quite frankly disgusting bugs you can find on the planet. Here are 10 weird bugs…

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Huntsman Spider vs. Spider-hunting Scorpion – Who would win?

pest arena

Two fearless creatures – the huntsman spider and the spider-hunting scorpion. Who would win on the Pest Arena? Spiders VS Scorpions A giant Huntsman Spider (Beregama aurea) prowls the forest floor in search for a new victim to satiate its colossal appetite. This 4-centimetre arachnid monster is an active hunter and the proud king of…

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Brood Parasitism – Slavemaking Ants and Their Captives

slavemaker polyergus

The army is getting ready for battle. The scouts have returned from their mission, and they’ve marked the enemy’s base. Thousands of soldiers are preparing to face the opposing force. With sharp weapons and berserker rage, they prepare to hurl themselves into the fray. The element of surprise is on their side. This one battle…

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