3 Disney Movies Where Pests Helped the Good Guys

Fantastic Pest Control Australia is a pest control company. That means we’re literally in the business of getting rid of any kind of vermin that might plague your reality. However, movies often subscribe to different, ridiculous, and sometimes opposite rules from the realm we’ve come to perceive as “real life”. So we’ve decided to present you 3 movies where pests actually helped the good guys (absurd as it sounds). Reader discretion is advised.

3. Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella is the inspiring story of a young woman who seems to draw the short straw on every turn. Her parents have a happy marriage, but her mother dies and she remains the only reminder of that immortal, true love. However, her father remarries. Ironically, because he wants to ensure Cinderella has a mother. And because this is Disney, the stepmother turns out to be evil.

What’s the big deal with her mother?

Lady Tremaine is the sort of narcissistic psychopath you don’t want to rub the wrong way. Cold and cunning, her only goal in life is to ensure that her two daughters succeed. Thus fulfilling her own narcissistic needs through them. Being the living embodiment of her parents’ love makes Cinderella a thorn in her stepmother’s side. Not to mention she’s a lot more beautiful than her stepsisters. Do they really need a better reason to hate her? Obviously not, because they treat her worse than a pest. Things escalate even further once her father dies.

It’s an interesting fact that Lady Tremaine is a widow. After Cinderella’s father dies, this makes her a widow for the second time. Might not be a complete coincidence. If we consider we’re dealing with a complete psychopath. Or are we reading too much into a 67-year-old cartoon?

What’s Cinderella’s Life?

Cinderella is forced to work, while her stepsisters don’t even lift a finger to help her. She cooks, cleans, and basically performs every domestic maintenance task you can think of. Aside from pest control, as we’ll get to in a second.

Despite all the exploitation, she’s still a kind-hearted person with an unhinged mental fortitude. Like many other Disney princesses, she makes friends with animals – birds, mice, horses, dogs… Wait, mice?! Yes, in this universe, mice are not the disease-ridden vermin we’re used to seeing. They actually help her quite a bit.

The Ball.

When Prince Charming (because why give him a real name?) is 19-years-old, his father – The King (yes, really) decides it’s time for his son to get married. The King throws a ball so his son can find a suitable wife. All the fair maidens in the kingdom are invited because apparently, they didn’t have Tinder back then.

Lady Tremaine is thrilled because this is a chance for her daughters to finally be useful. Cinderella hears of this and decides to use one of her mother’s old gowns with slight modifications in order to attend the ball. However, Lady Tremaine ensures she can’t make it by swarming her with chores. The girl is desperate but accepts her fate.

This is where her furry little friends, the mice Jaq and Gus (yes, the mice have names and more character development than our royal highnesses) come in. They fashion the gown for her, mobilising two more mice. The gown is ultimately destroyed by the stepsisters, but hey – it’s the effort that counts.

Later in the story when Cinderella is locked inside her room, they’re the ones that steal the key and free her. Actually, nothing good that happens to Cinderella would’ve been possible without our little rodents. They’re still getting exterminated, though, let’s be real for a moment.

2. Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is the story of a young man struggling to find his place in the world. And his unlikely friendship with an intelligent rat… that can also cook. Sentences like this are the reason we enjoy writing so much.

The Kitchen

Remy is a rat with highly developed sense of smell and taste (all rats have highly developed senses, but this is a different story). Because his hero is the late Auguste Gusteau – one of the finest chefs in Paris, the little rodent also dreams of becoming a chef. And, apparently, he’s also quite adept at it.

Alfredo Linguini is a garbage boy in Gusteau’s restaurant. Now managed by the great cook’s former sous-chef – Skinner (because you have to know who the bad guy is). Skinner is the kind of guy who takes great pleasure in making a profit on other people’s work (including Gusteau’s reputation).

Coincidentally, one night as Remy is in the restaurant, Alfredo spills a soup and tries to fix his mistake by recreating it. Although his intentions are good, he’s no chef, so he completely fails. Noticing his chance to do some good (which is only within the realm of fiction when it comes to rats), Remy fixes the soup and makes it fantastic. When Skinner catches Alfredo tinkering with the soup, the boy is in big trouble. While the argue, the soup makes it out to the restaurant and is an instant success.

Because of this, Collete, a fellow chef, convinces Skinner to let Alfredo become a chef (under her watchful gaze). While all of this is going on, Remy is spotted and makes a run for it, but he fails to escape. Alfredo is tasked to kill the rat or lose his job. Because apparently, the best form of rat control is physically catching the rat and then dealing with it the old-fashioned way.

The Cooking

Just one look at Alfredo is enough to convince you he doesn’t have it in him to kill Remy. And to take it one step further, he actually becomes friends with the rat, because it turns out Remy is smarter than him. They develop a system, through which Remy can cook using Alfredo as a mindless puppet (which is a pretty fitting role).

However, it turns out Alfredo is Gusteau’s illegitimate son and the rightful heir of the restaurant. Without coincidence, we wouldn’t have conflict, which can seriously put a dent in Skinner’s profits. And it does when Remy finds the evidence (because plot twist).

Alfredo becomes the new owner of the restaurant and develops a romance with Collete. Remy starts to feel like a third wheel and they have a falling out. However, there’s still a happy ending, because it’s a Disney movie.

1. Ant-man (2015)

We know what you’re thinking – “Wait, Ant-man is a Marvel movie, not a Disney movie.” And if you had said that before 2009, you would’ve been right. However, in 2009, Disney bought Marvel, so now technically all Marvel movies are Disney movies. Yeah – Black Widow is (more or less) a Disney princess.

Ant-man can only be described as a superhero heist movie. It’s a story of redemption, heroism, and ants. Lots and lots of ants.

Hank Pym is a genius inventor. Some would argue even better than Tony Stark! He finds a way to reduce the space between the atoms (and as we all know, atoms are actually 99% empty space) through the so-called Pym Particles. Effectively allowing him to shrink anything. Excess mass is shunted into a different dimension. And thus the Ant-man is born.

Who is Ant-man?

Ant-man is a superhero that shrinks to the size of an ant, but because of the way Pym Particles work, he can retain his strength and durability. Even enhance it. But the name doesn’t come from the size of the hero, alone. Another one of Pym’s inventions allows him to communicate with (and effectively command) ants. That’s right – the guy can basically control ants with his mind. Tell us you don’t think that’s horrifying. It may sound baloney (well, it’s a movie about a guy shrinking to the size of an ant, after all), but the science technobabble holds well. He can control them by manipulating their olfactory receptors (which is how ants communicate, and they have an ironclad hierarchy, so they’re good at following orders).

How it all begins

The first Ant-man was Hank Pym. After the death of his wife and the prolonged exposure to the Pym particles, he had to leave the mantle (even with the special helmet protecting him, the effects of Pym particles are still prove quite taxing on the body and brain chemistry). Enter Scott Lang – a convicted felon and a father, trying to do good by his daughter and ex-wife (by doing the exact same thing he got busted for in the first place – stealing). In the end, they have to stop Cross – Pym’s old protege, from weaponising the particles and selling them to the highest bidder.

Ants are an integral part of the Ant-man narrative. Hank gives ants numbers, but Scott names one of the ants Ant-thony and it becomes his sidekick. A large portion of the movie would not be possible without control of the ants. They prove quite useful in many situations.  They even save Scott’s life (sort of).

So there you have it – 3 Disney movies where pests helped out the good guys. We’re still getting rid of them, though.

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