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Bees are also a significant concern to homeowners throughout Melbourne which requires the intervention of professional bee control experts. Why’s that? A swarm of European bees, which are most commonly found in these parts, can form a nest in your yard or even inside your home. They present a serious health risk because of their stings which are painful and in some cases – even life-threatening. And as is with wasps, European bees can also affect the ecosystem they inhabit, eliminating other beneficial insect species. For these reasons, hiring a bee removal service is the safest and most effective solution to the matter at hand.

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Assessing the Situation

More often than not, beehives are identified by the buzzing noise coming from under the boards of a roof cladding or by sighting individual bees flying in and out of the concealed nest. Hence, if you cannot locate physically the hive within your property, your bee removal service will include a preliminary survey and a thorough evaluation of the problem.

Please, note that we avoid undertaking measures to resolve the issue if the beehive is located higher than 3 and a half metres from the ground. Also, if the nest is in a neighbour’s property and your neighbour doesn't want to pay for the bee removal, it's forbidden for our expert to jump over the fence or entering the neighbour’s property without permission. In that case, $89.00 will be paid as an inspection. However, your pest technician will place a few poison trap baits that will keep the bees away.

Bee Control Treatment

Once the beehive is identified and located by the pest control technicians, they will put on their protective clothing and remove it safely from your property. The use of a ladder is also applied in some cases when the nest is located at a certain height. Please, note that some nests, which are larger than 50cm x 50cm, may require a different type of assistance, which involves the expertise of beekeepers or eco bee specialists.

Follow-up Visit

We strive to resolve our customers’ bee removal situations in one single visit. However, every case is individual, hence, we are happy to visit your place again, upon request, if you still have some qualms about the bees returning to your property.

We can also recommend that you watch for new swarms of bees hanging around trees in your garden. The insects tend to find a temporary residence, while several bee scouts are “assigned” with the job to search for a suitable structure in your property. As soon as they find a favourable niche, the bees will move in there to build their new permanent nest. If you want to know more about bees, here's something to read: Australian native bees and the plants that attract them

Professional Advice

You can count on the beehive removalists’ specialised advice on how to protect your property from uninvited bees settling in the future. Helpful tips, such as proofing the structure of your home, blocking entry points in sheds, lofts and garages (especially, those facing to the East), as well as clearing general clutter in your yard, will be explained to you in more detail by the Fantastic pest controllers.
We can also deal with other pests, such as wasps, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bees would most likely nest in my property?

There are over 1500 species of native solitary bees in Australia, which rarely nest in the structure of people’s properties. Usually, it is the introduced commercial honeybees (they are social insects) that are likely to take fancy to your under-roof space and build their hive in there.

How can I remove a beehive myself?

Although there is plenty of helpful information on the web, which navigates you through the steps of different DIY bee removal methods, we strongly advise you to seek professional assistance. The insects can become aggressive in an attempt to protect their home, which can result in you being severely stung by the female bees.

Do you use pesticides to free me from a beehive that has been built near my property?

Bees are beneficial insects, whether they produce honey or pollinate crops. Our bee control methods are designed to physically remove the hive without killing its inhabitants. Hence, we would let you know, after our careful inspection, if your case requires a different type of approach and assistance, based on the size of the beehive, its location and on the type of bees that you are confronted with.

I am not sure if I’m dealing with wasps or bees. Can you remove a wasp nest for me?

Yes. The Fantastic pest controllers will identify the insects for you, as they differ quite visibly in their appearance, behaviour and in other specific features. On that note, the approach we undertake to eliminate a wasp nest is also different. The technicians will advise you on the best removal methods that we apply when dealing with a wasp infestation.