Proven Ways to Get Rid of Mice and Keep the Rodents Away

Getting rid of mice is easier said than done. The little buggers won’t just roll when you’re trying to remove them from the attic, kitchen, bathroom or another part of your home they find attractive.

There are many suggested methods of dealing with mice. Sadly, the extermination process is not as simple as sprinkling some sweet, sweet poison around, but there are still different effective ways to permanently get rid of the mice in your house. 

It's important to remember, though, that removing the intruders doesn't guarantee that they won't appear again. So, it’s important to take measures to secure your property, too. After all, it's easier to avoid an infestation than deal with one.  

Glue traps – Glue traps used to be a lot more popular. They are effective, but in all honesty – they are akin to animal cruelty which is why many people abstain from using them. Essentially, the moment a mouse goes through the trap, it gets stuck and dies of thirst. It’s a very slow and painful process.

Snap traps – These are a lot more effective for ridding your home from mice and rats, but you should also be extra careful when setting them. Snap traps are powerful enough to break your fingers!

How to use mouse snap traps:


  1. Choose the best food for a mouse trap like peanut butter, for instance. It’s both sweet and contains nuts. Rodents go crazy for it. Other good mouse trap baits include dried fruit, oatmeal, and unsurprisingly – chocolate.
  2. Identify approximately where the heart of the infestation lies and place the traps there. Don’t set them – just put them there with some bait.
  3. Leave the traps there and check on them periodically. If you notice the bait has gone missing in a couple of weeks, you’re probably on the right track. Put some more peanut butter on the trap but do not set it. Once the mice eat the bait the second time around, now you can set it.

Poison baits are one of the best ways to cope with mice infestation. Most poisons are powerful enough that once ingested, they definitely finish the job. However, they are best handled by a professional pest control expert, who has the knowledge how to use them without any risk for your health and home environment. 

Terriers are terrifying for mice and rats. These dogs were literally bred for hunting rodents (among other things), so they have keen instincts. It’s not a guarantee having a terrier will keep mice away, but it will definitely help. They are also much more effective than cats.


That doesn’t mean cats are useless, though. As a natural predator to mice and other rodents, the mere smell of a feline is enough to scare them away from your home. That being said, there is strength in numbers, so don’t expect your pets to solve a huge infestation problem.

  • Essential oils - Popular natural mouse repellents are considered to be the peppermint, eucalyptus and clove oils. They are actually quite effective against various kinds of pests. You can mix 1-2 spoons of the oil with water and start spraying the risky areas where you think mice hide. The solution won’t negatively affect your pets and it is safe to use around children. Remember, though, that the smell will fade away after a week or two and you will have to reapply. 
  • Store-bought bio products - If you are looking for environment-friendly way to keep the mice out of your property, you can check for non-toxic repellents in your local store. It is good to look for reviews or consult about its ingredients and effectiveness before a purchase. 
  • Ammonia - Cat and dog urine contain ammonia, which a mouse can recognise and consider a sign that there is a predator nearby. You can place ammonia in small containers in the attic, garage or other attractive areas for the rodent. Be careful, though, as this is a dangerous product that needs to be handled with care. 

How to Keep Mice Away

Keep good sanitation in and around your property

Keep your place neat and clean. Take care of spills and breadcrumbs immediately. This won’t help with an existing mice infestation, but it will play in your favour if you want to avoid the infestation in the first place.

Decluttering outdoors and storage space

Mice love clutter because it gives them an excellent hiding space. This allows them to procreate in peace and hoard food and resources for their nests. You’re doing them a favour by leaving unkempt shrubs or having wood stored near the house. They also love it when the rubbish bins are close by so they have a free source of food. Garden waste should be removed as soon as possible. All of this will help you avoid other infestations, not just rodents.

Seal any entry points

Seal any potential entry points and place mechanical barriers in the path of the little invaders. This will prevent them from coming inside and making your house their new home.

Store food properly

Properly storing food is a must, especially since mice are known to easily spread disease. The main thing those rodents are doing in your home is looking for food. Deprive them of that and you will be able to get rid of them for good. 

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