The Most Common Summer Insects in Australia

How to proof your house against the nasty summer pests.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer every single day. It’s just a matter of time before Summer comes and all kinds of summer pests invade our homes and gardens. Dealing with an infestation isn’t the best of time, but when they are taking away from the oh so precious summertime it’s even worse!

Pests are beneficial. But that doesn’t mean we should keep them in our houses and try to share our habitat. Yes, they are good for the planet, and yes, some pests living on your property can help with keeping away other, larger and worse pests. But that last point is very subjective, and you might want all pests eradicated whatsoever.

Why pests appear more in the summer?

It’s not that there are more pests in the Summer, they are just more active during warmer weather. During colder months pests are more active inside, that’s why you are more likely to experience cockroach infestations rather than the summer. However, if you leave food everywhere around your house, then you are still prone to infestations.

What summer insects you have to protect yourself from?

What kind of pests do you have to protect from.

Every homeowner wants to protect their house from the nasty buggers that invade our property. When you want to protect your home successfully from pests, you have to plan and protect for the pest that might infest your home.

It’s pretty hard to predict what is going to mark your home and claim it for their own. Luckily, most pests infest a place because of several different reasons, and they aren’t very different from animal to animal.


A mosquito
Shutterstock/Somboon Bunproy

Mosquitoes can be quite persistent with their infestation and difficult to get rid of. They are the type of pest that you can’t control, and you can’t protect yourself from coming to your property. One thing that you can try is to remove any still water around your home; however, you can’t control your neighbour’s backyard.

Because of that, the only way to truly keep mosquitoes away in the summer is to use insecticides and foggers if you don’t want to spray around your home with chemical compounds.

When it comes to eradicating mosquitoes, there are studies right now that are trying to figure out how we, humanity, can remove the mosquito species as a whole. For now, plans are to change the DNA and make the mosquitoes non-fertile. That way, the species will be an instinct in a matter of weeks or month at most!


Flea jumping up close.
Shutterstock/miha de

The fast jumping, nasty biting little pests can be a pain in the neck if they ever find their way in your home. And the worst thing is that only one flea can drive your family crazy because of how hard they are to kill.

This small pest can find itself in your home in numerous different ways if you have some pet that goes both outside and inside daily. It’s definitely hard to know if you are going to bring a flea at home. It might be from an animal that you petted while in the park, etc.

There isn’t a whole lot that could be made from insecticides. The couple of things that we can do is to protect ourselves during the day and protect our pests at all times. The most common method for protecting the little animal companions that we love so much is using IPM – Integrated Pest Management. This method kills the flea in one of two stages, but it isn’t beneficial to keep others away from your pet. That’s why it’s also a good idea to speak with a vet about what is the best way to treat fleas long term.

For your home, there is one thing you can do. Spraying insecticides is the only way to remove the infestation from your home.


How to treat ants in summer
Shutterstock/Andrey Pavlov

The little pests that have the ability to ruin every outdoor picnic and give us the shivers every time they crawl on us should be kept under control. If you start finding ants more frequently on your property and in your house then most likely it’s your fault! If you leave food around your house, it’s just begging for an infestation.

That’s why it’s essential to put food away and to keep your home and garden clean. If there isn’t food for ants to eat, then it’s far less likely for them to consider your home as a good living space.

If you already have an infestation going on it’s best if you call a professional to deal with this situation because ants can be quite stubborn pests.

Bees and Wasps

Controlling bees in the summer.

Bees and wasps can be dangerous. With 1-2 % of the populations having severe reactions from bee stings, it’s important to keep bees away from your property and family.

Deciding to do your own bee or wasp control is never a good idea. Fire is not a good idea too! Make sure you contact a professional who is appropriately equipped and knows how to deal with the flying little honey makers and their evil cousins. That way it’s best for you, your property and the pests too!

The best way to keep bees away is to restrict access to food around your home. Make sure to keep containers sealed and to throw away your trash daily. Just like other pests, bees and wasps are attracted by food. Also, you can plant flowers that repel bees to keep them away from your backyard.

There’s a pest infestation at home? We can help you!

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