Common Pest Control Mistakes

These are the top pest control mistake that people make when they are trying to solve their problem.


Living in a house that has an infestation going on is a really bad thing. It can be harmful to you, your family and anyone who lives in the house. This is why most people try to find a way, by any means necessary, to remove the infestation from your home. It’s best if this can be done without any harmful chemicals. After all, no one wants to have a house that is soaked with them.

When it comes to pest control at home, there are many people that think that they can do it themselves. That’s normal because it’s cost-efficient and if you can try to do it, why don’t?

Well, we don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but the ‘do it yourself’ method rarely works. That’s because most people lack the experience and knowledge of dealing with people.

Even dealing with the most common pests and rodents can be quite the hassle…

Doing a DIY pest control for common Australian pests and the mistakes that you may make.

While trying to exercise your own pest control you can make a lot of mistakes. Either lacking the knowledge on how to deal with a given pest, or what chemicals you should use, there are hundreds of mistakes that could be made and some of them potentially dangerous.

1. Waiting for too long to take care of the pest infestation

Waiting too long for to treat the infestation.


This is one of the biggest mistakes that you could be doing. Living with cockroaches may be gross, but there’s a big chance you’ll not know about the problem long after it has already begun. Because some pests go out only when it’s dark in the house, your house could be the breeding ground for an infestation and you may not notice it for weeks.

Sure, seeing a bug or two every now and then is only normal, right? Even when you don’t see them often, you have to take some time and check if there is a problem. Bugs are fast and clever, so if you don’t notice it on time then you have to investigate around the house as soon as you come by a pest.

2. Ignoring the problem

Don't ignore the infestation


Not noticing the problem immediately is one thing. However, ignoring it on purpose is a totally different situation.

Often times a pest infestation is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It’s expensive to deal with and often, it takes a lot of time.
That’s why people decide to live with the issue. However, the big problem comes when people wait for too long. That way the trouble becomes bigger and it gets harder to deal with.

3. Going only DIY

You can't diy in pest control.

Shutterstock/Mike Focus

It’s everyone’s first idea. Trying to do it yourself is the perfect decision if you know what you are dealing with and most importantly know how to deal with.

MacGyver might be able to shoot a lock and unlock it, but it’s most likely for you to fail by trying by to eradicate an infestation from your home.
Many times you’ll lack the skill and the instruments to do it.

4. Using the wrong products

Don't use the wrong products while trying to pest control


When we are talking about DIY pest control, most often people try to solve the problem with chemicals. And often times this leads to mistakes on the behalf of the homeowner. That’s why you’ll need the guidance of a professional. Consider hiring a qualified pest controller to inspect your place and to deal with the problem. He knows what will kill the bugs without causing harm to your family.

5. Using too much of the wrong products

This spans directly from the problem mentioned above. Using wrong chemicals is one thing, but deciding to use too much of them is a completely different situation. This is often done because people decide that it’s not that the chemicals aren’t working, it’s just the quantity that it’s too small.

6. Not doing your research

You have to do your own research if you are going to treat a pest infestation by yourself.

Even if you decide to go with the DIY method, there is still a big chance that you’ll mess up because you haven’t identified the problem correctly.
If you happen to come by a pest that is living in your home and you manage to catch it or kill it, then you should try to identify it. Many times different treatment is needed for the same species of pest but a different genus. Because of this, the identification of the problem is a must if you want to have any kind of success with doing a DIY pest control.

7. Trying to fix the problem by taking care of the rodents and not the cause

You have to remove the infestation not just the animal.

If you happen to have an infestation at home, then it’s most likely your fault. Animals don’t go into houses just because. Either there is plenty of food, it’s moist or the temperature is perfect. Also, there is an entry point. You might have a crack somewhere in your home and the pests will be getting in from it. That’s why you’ll need to find and seal any possible entry points in and around your house. Just because you’ve killed the pests doesn’t mean that another type won’t come in next week.

8. Leaving food all over the house

If your kitchen looks like this then you need to clean up.

Okay, if you are like this then it’s absolutely your fault that you have a house infestation going on right now. The good thing is that this is a problem that could be easily fixed. If you have small kids that like to run all over the house with food in their hands then it might be a bit harder for you to maintain a clean home but it’s still manageable for you. Make sure that you keep food only in the kitchen. Anything that leaves a lot of crumbs to be eaten exclusively in the kitchen or dining room and make sure that you regularly clean the kitchen and dining room. Also, throw away any old food.

9. Not getting a professional inspection annually

Get a professional inspection at least once an year.


It might be a bit expensive and a bit time consuming, but you have to book a professional at least once a year to inspect your home. It’s crucial because there are things that you don’t see but a professional does.

An infestation noticed in the early stages will be much easier to be dealt with than one that has already been in your home for months or even years.

10. Choosing the cheaper variant over a qualified expert

A very common mistake that people make.
aIt’s normal to prefer to save a bit of cash, however, if you choose to go with a non-experienced pest controller and save cash you might end up spending more in the long run. As we mentioned above, an infestation caught in the early stages is much easier to be dealt with, rather than one that has already been in the house for a long time.

11. Using fire as a pest control method

Don't use fire as a mean of pest control.

This is one of the worst things that you can do if you need to kill pests. Fire is dangerous and often doesn’t work at all. Please, never use fire as a method of pest control.

12. Not learning from your mistakes

This is way more common than you suspect.

Often times after getting rid of an infestation it will come back because you didn’t learn from your mistakes. This becomes a never ending circle that you’ll have to deal with forever. It takes money from your budget and it’s dangerous to you and anyone who is living in the house. That’s why it’s important to learn from your mistakes and correct them.

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