Odd Animal Behaviours

Funny animal behaviours

When it comes to the animal kingdom, there is yet a lot to see and more to discover. Strange looking species at the bottom of the ocean, beautiful birds and, of course, strange behaviour that rodents examine and often are quite difficult to understand.

That’s why it’s so interesting to observe these behaviours. Even though it’s quite hard for us to tell why they do these things, they are no less interesting for us to discuss.

A rat king.

A rat king

Source: Photographed at Naturkundliches Museum Mauritianum Altenburg
CC BY-SA 3.0

Though the name is pretty self-explanatory it doesn’t mean what it says. A rat king isn’t the king of all rats that may or may not be hiding in your house.
Quite the contrary, a rat king doesn’t bring any of the king stuff brings. There are no novelties and it might be one of the worst things that can happen to this little rodent. No matter what, it almost always means certain death. That’s a bummer…

What is a rat king?

Simply put, a rat king is a bunch of rats with intertwined tails. How does this happen? No one knows!
Unfortunately, we haven’t been lucky enough to witness the forming of a rat king. In fact, we know so little about it that there isn’t a solid proof that it forms naturally or it’s man made. A mystery that has been marvelling the human mind since the 1500’s.
Just like most mysteries, it has a beginning. And the start of this one is from Germany. It’s unknown why, but it has been the place where most rat kings are spotted.

Cockroaches live without their heads.

This isn’t an unexplained behaviour. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s less fascinating.

It’s not like roaches can live forever without its head, however, a week or two is totally doable for this little pest.
The reason why cockroaches can live without their head is that they have an open circulatory system. That’s why all they need is a wound that would clog. After that, the cockroach will live for a week or two before dies from dehydration.

Slavery is still going strong!… in the ant world.

Even though it’s illegal, ants don’t really care that much. It’s a pretty common practice for ant colonies to enslave ants from other colonies and use them to do the dirty work.

Some ants serve the sole purpose of raiding other colonies and providing a steady supply of ant slaves that will keep the colony alive.

Some moths don’t like food.

Male Luna Moth

Author: Megan McCarty
CC BY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons

Yes, some moths do suck nectar, however, the Luna moth isn’t a big foodie. In fact, the Luna moth doesn’t eat at all!
After it emerges from its cocoon it’s sole purpose is to mate. It’s even more fascinating that the Luna moth doesn’t have a mouth at all! That’s the reason that it only lives for a week tops.

Pigeons are FAST

Pigeons Are really fast!

You think cheetahs are fast? Well, pigeons are faster. Like two times as fast. A pigeon can go up to 180 km/h when diving. This is an amazing skill for an animal that we see every day and consider it as pests.

  • They also are monogamous. Once they mate, they stay with the love of their life until they die.

Possums faint when all else fails

Playin Possum

When possums are threatened they will use every trick in the book to get away. They will growl, run, defecate – pretty much everything that you can imagine. However, when nothing works and there is only one option left possums will play dead.
It’s not like they want to. It’s an evolutionary reflex. Their muscles will get stiff and they will roll over. This state can last for up to four hours.

Bees have jobs

bees have day jobs

And when they change it, the chemicals in their brain will change too. ю
It’s proven that bees have jobs. In a hive every single bee does something. Some bees do the same thing their whole life (poor little things), yet other bees change their jobs. Some bees take care of the dead bees in the hive. These aren’t bees that are necessarily born to do this thing. Most of them are scouting bees that change. It’s also proven that their brain chemistry changes.

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